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Thursday, March 18, 2010

After The Rose 

So it has come to my attention there are still a few loose end.

1.  Who the heck are you?

Ok for those that had no idea that the reveal had happened, here it is.  I am Elitist, the creator and owner (actually previous owner now) of Elites TV.  Yeah the guy who broke off from TVClubhouse cause he got his feelings hurt from a stupid online game.  The one who had the big fight with Digilady/Jokerette after they bought JokersUpdates.  The one who turned Elites TV into a news site instead of a reality tv site.  Yeah that guy.

2. Why did you originally start Reality Trash?

Go take a look at this page: http://www.realitytrash.5u.com/archived080401.html

The article "TVClubhouse Loses Valued Poster!" was the reason to begin.  Moondance was a poster at TVClubhouse that I knew (and had a quarrel with before I left TVCH) and when I saw she "huffed off" from there it just clicked in me that people should be held accountable for their actions.  I had seen too many people parley their popularity into forcing website owners to make exceptions to the rules to keep them, and I just thought it was time to expose that sort of thing.

3. Who was Juez N. Jurado? (see http://www.realitytrash.5u.com/volume1issue10.html)

I have no idea.  He came to me cause he had a beef with JokersUpdates (and this was the original site when Joker still ran it) and wanted to write articles.  He had a pretty good style, so I took him up on it.  It didn't last for long.

By the way those that never figure out that S.E. Sidecorners (http://www.realitytrash.5u.com/volume1issue22.html) was Ocean Islands from TVClubhouse (and one of the players in the second BB Game there) - now you know.  Seaside Corners - get it?

4. Did anyone know who you were before now?

There were a very select few people who I told - none of them that were actually involved in any of the reality TV scene.  My attorney (cause I had to know the legal ramifications of faking a death) and my new partner who owns Elites TV now.  After Noslonna (the first person who ever knew about Elites TV and told everyone about the new place) left for so long, then came back for a bit, then left again, I told her who Reality Trash was.

I am pretty sure Spamgirl knew who I was - when I first started I wasn't the best at concealing my identity, and I am sure she pulled an IP address from my Reality Trash emails and compared it to an Elitist email.  Spamgirl is a  force of nature and knew more about the internet back then than most site owners.

I also think Flint from TVClubhouse had the opportunity to know who I was, but don't know if he ever connected the dots.  Flint at one time told me "never tell anyone who you are, no matter how much you want to, even if they guess".  I took that advice to heart.

5. What about Reality Fun?

I became Reality Fun because Guruchaz was making direct attacks on Digilady/Jokerette.  He had done this type of stuff before to both her and myself (yeah even calling me a child molestor - wish I knew then what I know now).  I decided it was time to fight fire with fire.

6. So are you a guy or girl?

Definitely male.  So why did everyone think I was a woman?  Misdirection of course.

I had played a Play By Email Game called Lorenai.  It was very male dominated and was one of those supposedly open ended games, however it was really all about conquest.  I came late to the game and wanted to stand out.  I decided to play a non-conquest role - that of judge.  I decided a clan of female judges would be most likely accepted, so I created the Crystal Acolytes.  It worked out pretty well, and I gained some notoriety during the brief remaining time before the game closed down.

So when I started Reality Trash I knew that keeping my identity was crucial.  I also knew that the majority of members on reality TV websites were women.  It made sense (to me at least) that a female gossip columnist would be more accepted than a male.

When I started Reality Enquirer I didn't intentionally pick a gender.  I was just going to write.  Over time, especially when people were trying to root out my identity, I moved my gender to female to throw them off.  According to Tobor and his gang I must have done a pretty good job - they were convinced I was female.

8. So how close was Tobor?

Tobor was really close - he just didn't make the final connection.  Or should I say BBVoyeur didn't make the final connection? 

They had tracked me down to the town where I was living using their IP tricks.  And they had placed Elites TV owner in a nearby town.  They just didn't connect the final dot that they were the same person.  I believe what threw them off was that they thought I was a group of people, thus the group at Elites TV, not just one person.

They got close enough that I had to do something.  So I tracked Tobor down through posts he had made on the internet, found out he had involvement in the soft porn industry, and let this information leak out to several contacts on different websites.  Apparently some of them sent some nasty emails to him. 

At this same time Tobor claims that someone ripped off his identity in real life and had charged some stuff up on one of his credit accounts.  Buying something that ticked his significant other off - which considering the business he was in I imagine trust was always going to be a problem.  Of course I have never figured out if this really happened or if this was just another ploy by the BBVoyeur team.  They did drop the search for my identity though, so I guess maybe it was real.

They did give me some real laughs though, with their syntax analyzers and their panel of experts.  Boy did they ever get things wrong.

9. So what happens to Reality Enquirer?

Good question.  The blog will stay up for posterity, and I will continue to monitor the mailbox for any juicy gossip and continue to post.  And answer any questions that have been bugging people over the years.

I have thought that someone may want to take the place over and become the new mystery owner - but who could I trust with such a legacy?

So I will be around - so keep sending those emails!

And remember - Enquiring minds want a show!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Reveal Part 4: Cabbages and Kings 

So it has come to this. A final story.

Once upon a time there was a man who became enthralled with Big Brother. He started reading at a clubhouse and spent many hours every day getting the latest and greatest on this new phenomenon. He never took part in the discussions, till one day he could keep quiet no longer. He took an arrogant name, and began posting.

To his surprise he was accepted wholeheartedly into this community. So much so that he even took part in the second game based on the hit show. A game that ended badly for him, especially when he learned that one of the players was playing more than just an online game, and that the person running the game may have kicked him out prematurely.

His feelings were hurt so bad, that one afternoon he decided to see what it took to set up a community like the one he loved so much. It didn't take much, and he told a good friend of his that they had a special place they could talk. Then he went home for the weekend and thought nothing of it. To his surprise when he checked on the site there were lots of people who had signed up and were posting on the site. He decided maybe he should just make a go of it.

The site did rather well - in fact it became for a time one of the top reality sites. It even purchased another well known website, though this resulted in a schism that legends are made of.

The man learned more and more about the internet, communities, advertising but became more and more isolated. He realized being the head of a successful community brought responsibilities. The toughest was the fact that anything you said or did had repercussions. To the point that you said very little at all.

Then one day he saw someone at the old site he used to post at throw a fit and stalk off and it hit him that people wouldn't do this so much if their actions were put out there for all to see. So Reality Trash was born.

The rest is pretty much history. Well except for those who still have no idea who this person was, and when you find out probably will not care.

So here it is - Reality Trash = Reality Fun = Reality Enquirer = Cod = E = Elitist = Elites TV

The floor is now open for questions.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Reveal Part 3: Revive Us Again 

Three quarters of the way to 100 votes, so time for another installment.

When I closed the Reality Trash site, I thought I was passing the torch to at least one other site - Reality Lowdown. Unfortunately, like many other imitators along the way, that site was short lived.

Then the domain name realitytrash.com was purloined by another webmaster, who mostly wanted to send people to her credit scams.

And I still saw the same old things happening on websites - disruptive members, heavy handed or inconsistent moderating, trolls, and schisms. And no one to tell the rest of the world what was going on.

I was regretting closing down Reality Trash, but knew I couldn't keep the pace of publishing a consistent e-magazine. So I decided to go the blog route - when news came in I could post at my leisure and not be tied to some arbitrary schedule. Plus the blogging software was much better for getting things quickly out.

I needed a new name, and consistent with my previous lives, decided to call the blog Reality Enquirer (and if you didn't get the association to the National Enquirer shame on you). The modus operandi was similar - get news about what was going on with the reality websites into a centralized place that could not arbitrarily disappear at the whim of a site owner or anyone else (well except me of course). A continuing history of reality websites.

The reception was great - surprisingly so. People needed an outlet for their frustrations and this blog satisfied that need. The internal and intersite wars were documented for all to see. New sites were given recognition. Hidden sites were sometimes revealed. The break aways were examined. Just down right a load of reality fun. If you wanted to know something about a reality site, you would come here. If you didn't find anything, chances are you would write something about that site and it would get published.

This really worked out for me. Yeah sometimes it would get pretty hectic, but it wasn't the weekly grind of putting out a magazine. And the news was a lot fresher since it could be published as soon as it came in. I did get tired of the continuing bashing of Jokers Updates - it seemed to draw more ire and controversy than any other reality site out there.

So I stuck with it. Through the good times and bad. Through the Tobor search. Through the proliferation of knockoffs which I tried to incorporate into this site so people would have a one stop shop for gossip. Through the years and years of reality TV. Till it seemed that no one had any gossip anymore.

My involvement in reality tv had slacked off more and more over the years also, till I am now at the point that I hardly ever watch anything, or visit any of the sites. So I finally decided it may be time to end this long mystery and reveal who I really am.

So 25 more votes.

Between now and then if you have any questions, or if you just want to send your guess as to who I am, feel free to do so. If any questions come up that I can answer I will try to do so before the final reveal.

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Reveal Part 2: Fun In The Toilet 

I received a nice email from BBVoyeur since my last post, making sure that I knew that he always knew that I was Reality Trash, and also that he knew my first and last name. Of course he didn't tell me what that first and last name was.

He also claimed that I was close to a nervous breakdown due to him and the other trolls, so I quit. I will not deny that having to spend time dealing with trolls was one of the reasons of killing myself off - but it was all time based - something I did not have much of.

Besides if I was that close to a nervous breakdown, why would I come back to engage them so vigorously?

And I am not talking about this blog. I am speaking of the incidents that happened at that infamous troll site run by Donnabert at Tornado Hills. How appropriate that a site dominated by Paul and his friends was dedicated to flushable technology.

But there was one floater in the bowl that kept things very entertaining for a while. Watching what was going on at that site I decided to fight fire with fire, or should I say poop with poop? I became the nemesis of the inner troll elite and became RealityFun.

My incarnation of RealityFun was based on using the same techniques that Guruchaz and BBVoyeur used on everyone else. Using a biting wit, turning of words, bits of truths and half truths I began a campaign of harassment.

This was like hitting a hornet's nest with a big stick, and instead of running, hitting it over and over again. But if I remember correctly, it was the hornets that were stung much more than myself.

So why did I do it? I got tired of them personally attacking people and sites that I knew without any sort of retribution, or even anyone standing up to them. I took it on myself to be the avenger of the weak, the voice that said what everyone else wanted to say, the arm of justice for the silent masses.

There were several problems with RealityFun though. First was that it took a lot of time - I had to keep track of the discussions as they went so that timely answers could be posted. And those answers had to be cutting and witty. Considering I quit Reality Trash because of time this was a real problem.

Secondly, whenever you engage a crazy person, things only escalate. There really was no way for either side to win, only to take the next step till there was total annihalation.

The third problem was the reason I dropped RealityFun. When you begin thinking and acting a certain way, even just to prove a point, soon you become no better than the people you are imitating. Even though the battle was fun, soon the war became tedious, and I began to not like myself for what I was doing. So I retired.

It has always amused me, however, that Guruchaz killed the site by starting his own Mecca of Razz.

I wish the forum at the site was still around - I think it would be informative to go back and read over the wars in those archives. Donnabert, did you kill it completely or is it still on a disk somewhere? Bring it back so we can read the past once again.

Remember the full reveal won't occur till there are 100 votes in my poll. Perhaps there will be other secrets revealed before then?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Reveal Part 1: Staci Lives! 

Well I am not getting a lot of interest in my poll, but what is there says I should reveal who I am. I probably won't do the final reveal unless there are 100 or more votes - so tell your friends and neighbors.

But to tantalize you here is the truth about something that everyone has speculated about.

I am Reality Trash.

Yeah of course she never died. My life was getting too filled up with other demands, and I couldn't spend enough time to keep publishing new issues at the rate I was. I was getting good content from lots of people, but trying to put it all together in a magazine type format was just too much. So I decided to quit.

Then the brilliant idea - what better way to leave than to die? Maybe put a little bit of guilt on some trolls? So I met my untimely demise.

My poor brother had to go and put that parting message on my site. He screwed up the HTML so it all came out in red - so dramatic. I wish my HTML skills would have been better back then.

Reality Trash was a great and unique idea and I was so surprised how popular it became. Too bad it was so time consuming.

Go back and read it again! http://realitytrash.5u.com/finalissue.html

And if you have any questions about the Reality Trash phase of my life, send me an email and I will be happy to respond.


Friday, January 15, 2010

To Reveal Or Not To Reveal 

Well it is pretty obvious this blog has not had much activitiy. I guess all the drama has left the reality web universe.

So maybe it is time to reveal who is behind this blog. I am sure there are one or two people who know, though I have never admitted it, so maybe it is time to confirm their suspicions.

I have set up a poll to see what you, the readers, want. Also if you have your own guess, place it in the comments.

This should be interesting.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Moving Around - The ETV Forum Saga 

From the mailbox:

So a bit more about the end of the old ETV..

A while back, Elitist took on a partner in the ElitesTV news site named Chris---to help with posting articles, etc. It was his main focus---the news and entertainment page---that is what produced revenue for him.

The forums were left over from the early days when Digilady was his partner and very involved in the Reality TV scene---once she broke away (after trying to steal the board from him) and bought JokersUpdates, the forums were really just an add-on---Elitist did not put much time into them.

So Elitist has been very scarce on the message board the past year---almost invisible and the board has been pretty quiet..

Suddenly about 2 weeks ago, members were unable to access the board. No notice, no information. One of the moderators, Misha, tried repeatedly to contact Elitist---with no answer---and finally got an answer from the partner-Chris.
Elitist had stepped away from things months ago, but never told the members or moderators, Chris claims not to be aware there even WAS a message board.

Misha contacted most members by email and set up a quick temporary site to gather for free at Delphi. Members trickled in, there was a lot of confusion....at some point--Chris from ElitesTV arrived, claiming he did not know there were members---reluctantly offered to host the board for a while for a fee of $30 a month (pre-paid). The members did finally hear from Elitist offering to help them set up the board's Discus software somewhere else if needed.

Consensus was they wanted somewhere free, and Chris of Elites has agreed to give Misha a copy of the old board on CD, and to post a link on the Elites site directing people to the new board.

Delphi was a real jolt---the board structure and limitations were not a good fit for the Elites members, so as of last night, Misha set up a NEW new board at Yuku that is more like what the members are used to.

Misha posted last night on the temporary Delphi board about the new home, and notified members by email as well.


Members are in the process of trickling in, setting things up, and trying to get the new board populated.