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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Reveal Part 2: Fun In The Toilet 

I received a nice email from BBVoyeur since my last post, making sure that I knew that he always knew that I was Reality Trash, and also that he knew my first and last name. Of course he didn't tell me what that first and last name was.

He also claimed that I was close to a nervous breakdown due to him and the other trolls, so I quit. I will not deny that having to spend time dealing with trolls was one of the reasons of killing myself off - but it was all time based - something I did not have much of.

Besides if I was that close to a nervous breakdown, why would I come back to engage them so vigorously?

And I am not talking about this blog. I am speaking of the incidents that happened at that infamous troll site run by Donnabert at Tornado Hills. How appropriate that a site dominated by Paul and his friends was dedicated to flushable technology.

But there was one floater in the bowl that kept things very entertaining for a while. Watching what was going on at that site I decided to fight fire with fire, or should I say poop with poop? I became the nemesis of the inner troll elite and became RealityFun.

My incarnation of RealityFun was based on using the same techniques that Guruchaz and BBVoyeur used on everyone else. Using a biting wit, turning of words, bits of truths and half truths I began a campaign of harassment.

This was like hitting a hornet's nest with a big stick, and instead of running, hitting it over and over again. But if I remember correctly, it was the hornets that were stung much more than myself.

So why did I do it? I got tired of them personally attacking people and sites that I knew without any sort of retribution, or even anyone standing up to them. I took it on myself to be the avenger of the weak, the voice that said what everyone else wanted to say, the arm of justice for the silent masses.

There were several problems with RealityFun though. First was that it took a lot of time - I had to keep track of the discussions as they went so that timely answers could be posted. And those answers had to be cutting and witty. Considering I quit Reality Trash because of time this was a real problem.

Secondly, whenever you engage a crazy person, things only escalate. There really was no way for either side to win, only to take the next step till there was total annihalation.

The third problem was the reason I dropped RealityFun. When you begin thinking and acting a certain way, even just to prove a point, soon you become no better than the people you are imitating. Even though the battle was fun, soon the war became tedious, and I began to not like myself for what I was doing. So I retired.

It has always amused me, however, that Guruchaz killed the site by starting his own Mecca of Razz.

I wish the forum at the site was still around - I think it would be informative to go back and read over the wars in those archives. Donnabert, did you kill it completely or is it still on a disk somewhere? Bring it back so we can read the past once again.

Remember the full reveal won't occur till there are 100 votes in my poll. Perhaps there will be other secrets revealed before then?