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Thursday, August 28, 2003

Wailing And Gnashing Of Teeth 

Well it seems my shout out wasn't well taken. Looks like those two little boards were (and I stress were) somewhat private. My revelation of their location was not something they really wanted. And thus the wailing and gnashing of teeth (a great display if I say so myself - take a look).

Here is a hint - when you post a link on a site and someone follows that link, the site you have linked to has something called a referrer log that shows where the visitor came from. Most webmasters keep an eye on their referral logs - it tells them where people are coming from, and what is being said about them on other sites. So when someone posted my little blog on your boards, and you had people follow it, I found you. Not knowing you were private, I made a small faux pas and posted your links here. I am surprised someone hasn't found you this way before.

If you would have e-mailed me I might have pulled the story. Then again I might not have, cause as the saying goes - Enquiring Minds Want To Know!

Other Corners Of The Reality TV World 

Just wanted to shout out to some of my fans at Naughty Bits and The Planet (or The Little Birthday Board), two Big Brother message boards.

I think it would be real nice (and kind of funny) if everyone would visit their sites and drop them a little line - and tell them Reality Enquirer sent you!

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

So What's Up With The Alexa Stats? 

I have no idea - but I noticed BB4BBQ drop and Big Brother Nation skyrocket. But if you look at the alexa.com statistics for these two sites they show up as the stats for banishjosh.com and welovebigbrother.com. I have no idea what is happening, but maybe the webmasters can contact Alexa and ask them what the deal is.

So be very careful about the stats until we get this resolved!

Capgirl - Make Up Your Own Mind 

I received an e-mail saying I was unfair to only post part of the conversation about Capgirl over at BBChatter.

So here is the link to the thread that was quoted - you read it and make up your own mind - http://www.bbchatter.com/message.php?f=1&i=246109&t=246091#reply_246109. Can't guarantee it is in its original form, but it does match what was sent to me.

I still say turning capgirl's name into #FOTH# is childish.


And more http://www.bbchatter.com/message.php?f=1&i=249509&t=249509

And even more http://www.bbchatter.com/message.php?f=1&i=249536&t=249536

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Capgirl Part Deaux 

First thing is I am getting e-mails from people asking me about the ex-BBChatter poster Capgirl. I have no idea what her e-mail address is - but if she wants to send it to me I will send it on to those that request it. Capgirl are you reading?

Second thing is I received an e-mail talking about the continuing repercussions at BBChatter -

Tonight someone mentioned capgirl in a post at bbchatter.com, and her name is blocked as though it's profanity. Seriously. Go there now and try it, you'll get #FOTH#

Even worse, a friend was curious about it and got flamed like you would not believe. Nobody could pinpoint exactly what capgirl supposedly did, but they sure knew how to get bitchy. I find the entire thing disgusting and am searching for a new place to post.

Anyway, I read your article about capgirl and thought you might be interested. This is completely childish, hateful and uncalled for, but it does support capgirl's side of the story as being true.

Sample of posts from tonight:

Author: Gnomebody stole my name!
Date: 08-26-03 19:20

Hey, Keith you hypocrite.

Cappy didn't do anything bad to you. She left the site on her own before you even posted your "be nice" message, which by the way is now a dead link. Why have you FOTH'd her name? Because people keeping bringing her name up? Are you so afraid to admit that she had an impact here? Apparently so since you feel the need to censor her name. If this message is deleted too I will laugh so hard because it will just prove how immature you guys are being over this and I think it backs up her story of what was said to her. I thought it might have been a little dramatic, but I'm not so sure anymore.

I want to post these pictures she took today. They are pretty cool.

test #FOTH# test NM

Author: Marlena
Date: 08-26-03 19:22

:-O it is censored lol...anywho, she said bad things about this board that I

Author: Marlena
Date: 08-26-03 19:22

read...NOT NICE

What did she say that was bad? NM

Author: Gnomebody stole my name!
Date: 08-26-03 19:25

So irritate everyone till you get banned

Author: Robert's booger (67.24.33.---)
Date: 08-26-03 19:41


Oh, for crying out loud! Messengers stirring up the pot. NM

Author: Fleowife
Date: 08-26-03 19:25

Author: Gnomebody stole my name!
Date: 08-26-03 19:35

I've asked about her, others have as well because we enjoyed her images and her wit. Not everyone hated her. I just find it funny that right after she left, Keith pulled this "be nice" stunt and has now censored her name. She had a pretty big impact here that she was talked about at OTHER BB sites. I think Keith is jealous frankly. Stupid to run off someone like her.
I totally agree and I think as her friend you should boycott this page NM

Author: Raven33
Date: 08-26-03 19:28

No one ever talks about her unless someone like you comes in and brings up her name.

Author: Fleowife
Date: 08-26-03 19:35


There were more, (Robert's Booger was particularly nasty, accusing others of being capgirl, etc) but I think you get the drift. Unbelievable! I wonder how they act in real life, because I can bet you not one of them would walk into a room and say these things to another person's face.

Thanks for reading!


Well I am not too suprised - when a popular poster leaves on bad terms, people always seem to take sides. What seems childish to me is #FOTH#ing the name. I seem to remember they did that to JokersUpdates name last year.

Capgirl Call Home!

CBS Wants More Big Brother? 

So the news is CBS wants to extend the Big Brother season to Wednesday September 24 from the previous season end of the 17th.

So what the heck is CBS trying to do - bore us even more? Don't they remember how boring the final weeks of the competition are with only two or three houseguests still around?

And did they consult JokersUpdates, who is having their big wrap part on the weekend of the 19th? Now it is going to have to be a pre-wrap party, nobody will know who the winner is, and members of the jury will definitely not be stopping in for a drink. I guess I will have to cancel my reservations.

Monday, August 25, 2003

Big Brother Nation 

Looks like Big Brother Nation is up and running again. According to their site (and BB4BBQ) they will be having an interview with Karen Fowler of BB1 soon. Take a look!

Friday, August 22, 2003

What's The Matter At BBChatter? 

I received the following in the mail about the disappearance of Capgirl from BB Chatter. This was posted on their board but has since been removed.


I'm absolutely not going back there, ever. I'm really sorry. Some people will have fun or celebrate and call me childish for what I've done, but so what? I have never once said that I owned that stupid board, that I was a moderator or anything of that sort. In fact, you know I made a point of telling people otherwise.

Yes, I'm one cranky #FOTH# sometimes. So? I also have spent a great deal of time helping a lot of those people out. There are some who really did appreciate my efforts, and for those I'm thankful. What a lot of those people don't realize is the stuff I did behind the scenes for individuals. Sure I was pretty harsh to a few people who really should have paid attention for 2 minutes and figured things out for themselves. If they want to complain about server usage and crap, then they should know that the incessant repetitive posts are one of the main causes of that...so if that were really a concern for Keith he would have put an end to it appropriately by putting the information in a single place and directing people to it. Also, the images eat up a lot of that, too...but again...if it were a big concern he would have said something about it.

I have a way of doing things that is probably a little harsh to some people. My posts, even nice ones, were routinely deleted while other far more harsh comments by other posters remained. People will deny this, but I can easily go into the past few days and pull out tons of examples of posts not deleted.

The problem has been brewing for a few days actually. Keith has been blatantly obvious about his messages and being "nice to newbies" and stuff. I have been trying to be nice, and I had toned it down over the last days as he requested. The funny thing is that he's never said a WORD to me about it directly. I've only ever received two emails from him, and neither of them had anything to do with how mean I may or may not have been. The last one was him actually thanking me for the images and updates. I do appreciate the thanks...but public ally he was not as sincere and while never mentioning names it was obvious he was referring to me and a few other people.

Last night I received some messages from people on the board who told me that the only reason I had not yet been banned from BB Chatter was because they "put up with me" because of my screen caps. This was said by at least 3 different, prominent posters to the board...not any of the newbies or anything like that. In fact, I highly suspect that at least one of them is a moderator over there. The one person who I know is a moderator was not one of those people though.

I put my messenger and email address up in my profile not to invite the weirdos but to be there for those who really want to contact me. You know I wouldn't put up with the weirdos. I *do* know how to use ignore features. I haven't had too many problems with it until recently. I am truly hated over there and its not an atmosphere I choose to remain in. They hate me anyway so I'm sure they're all pretty damn happy.

I have been removing my images from BB Chatter because of what was said. If they only wanted me around for the images, then that's what I'll take away from them. It is not a childish thing to do, in fact I thought long and hard about whether to do it or not. I have only removed the ones from the past couple days. The rest can stay up there for all I care. You (now) and a few others know that BB chatter is not the only place for my images. I simply uploaded them to Chatter as a courtesy to the users there because it is such a popular site and its is easier to have the images on the same site rather than drive traffic to my own as some users do by spamming their site's URL. That's extremely rude and I would never do such a thing.

Frankly, having a large collection of quality images kind of helps you to have a popular website. I only wanted to help because I felt BB Chatter was one of the few quality sites out there.

If people want to think of me as childish, that's their own thing. But tell me, why in the world would I want to leave my work on a site where I am obviously not welcome? Anybody calling me childish and dramatic because of that, in my view, is just as guilty as the ones talking to me last night. It proves that they want the good stuff and only the good stuff and coated with sugar, too....backing up what I was told last night, that the only reason I WAS still there was because of the images. Well...screw them they don't want me? They don't want my images, either.

Thanks for you support, though ...i think that place will go right on as it has and I hope Keith gets the happy Little Panacea that he desires. I just want no part of it any more.


Tuesday, August 19, 2003

If God Watched Reality TV 

If God watched reality tv then...

- the Israelites would have had to outbid each other for manna from heaven

- Adam would have lost all of his ribs to make enough women to compete for his affections

- Christian communion would consist of grubs and product placement beer

- instead of wandering in the wilderness the tribes would have been sequestered in a small house filled with cameras for 40 years

- Jesus would have been the winner of "Religious Icon" with John the Baptist a close runner up

- Buddha would have laughed at McEnroe as he conquered The Chair

- instead of the fiery furnace, the Three Dudes would have had to survive an episode of Fear Factor

- to ensure salvation, you would have to win The Amazing Grace

Any more? Don't send them to me - post them to your own site and send me the link!

Monday, August 18, 2003

Reality News Online On The Move 

I was surprised when I ran the Alexa statistics and found Reality News Online had popped up near the top. The site - one of the few strictly reality news sites on the net - had been sitting somewhere in the middle of the pack until today when it topped out at 80, just behind Sirlinksalot and Television Without Pity.

Taking a closer look at the graphs, it looks like they are on an upward trend that should keep them at the top of the stats through the end of Big Brother, and with Survivor and American Idol returning they will probably keep that position or go even higher.

So congratulations to a well run and unique site!

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Reality Site Owner Causes Power Blackout! 

Hours after the most severe power blackout in the history of the U.S., agents of the Federal Bureau of Reality TV (FBRTV) were frantically trying to locate a nefarious webmistress known as Spamgirl for questioning about her involvement in the incident.

"We received a call about an hour after the blackout from a reliable source in Gulfport, MS" said top agent Nathan Brown. "This source said that we should be looking for this 'Spamgirl' in either New Jersey or California and that we would then know the cause of the grid going down."

Spamgirl, the owner of BB4BBQ.com, was unavailable for comment even at her California location due to the power outage. Members of her website have tried to reach her but have been unable to contact her. "She lives in Toronto, at least that is what I thought" said Andrew, one of her top aides. "But now I don't know where she is - she could be anywhere."

If the FBRTV source is correct, this may be the first time that the U.S. has been subject to an act of Canadian terrorism in over 200 years, if you don't count the recent South Park movie and Second City TV. If you know the whereabouts of Spamgirl please contact the agency immediately and do not try to approach - she may be armed and dangerous.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Trouble At The BBQ 

I had trouble getting into BB4BBQ com today, and seems as a few others did too from the emails I have been getting.

They are saying it is probably caused by the Blaster virus running around.

So if you can't get in the regular way, try according to their website. Though I don't think it worked for me!

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

TVClubhouse and the Alexa Stats 

The reason I don't include TVClubhouse is that the actual web address is tvclubhouse.bomis.com, and Alexa groups everything under the bomis.com domain name.

However TVClubhouse is a big part of the hits that Bomis gets - at least during Big Brother. Today TVClubhouse shows it was 11% of the traffic for Bomis! Now since Bomis has the weekly average of 610 hits per million, that means TVClubhouse is somewhere in the range of 64 to 70 hits per million - which puts it up at the top of our rankings.

But even so I don't want to put it as a regular on the list - it still isn't totally apples and oranges, plus it makes it harder for me to keep up with the list!

Way to go TVClubhouse!

Monday, August 11, 2003

Oh Brother - More Plagiarism 

Looks like Reality 411 is at it again. Compare this post on the Oh Brother TV Yahoo group to the front page article on Reality 411:

Oh Brother TV

So here is the rumor, it seems as though the London Papers are reporting that a UK BB4 HG - Gos, who is touring the US now, will be entering the BB4 House - and soon. As part of the Live Show after the eviction and interview with Julie Chan, Gos will enter the house and direct the HG in an extra extended HoH competition that will require them to use both their brains (Personal note: What Brains?) and brawn. The article supposedly goes on to say that people in the UK will be able to see Gos enter the house on Wenesday, August 20, 2003 during the last 15 minutes of the show just before the HoH competition. Then on Firday August 22, 2003 the rest of the HoH Competition and Which HG won HoH will air, along with the HG reactions to Gos arrival.

Here is the text from Reality 411:

UK BB4 HG - Gos to enter BB4 USA house on August 20!
Rumours are flying all over the internet thanks to reports from London papers that are reporting that a UK BB4 houseguest - Gos, who is touring the US now, will be entering the BB4 House very soon. As part of the live show after the eviction and interview with Julie Chan, Gos will enter the house and direct the houseguests in an extra extended head of household competition that will require them to use their brains and athletic abilities. The article supposedly goes on to say that people in the UK will be able to see Gos enter the house on Wenesday, August 20, 2003 during the last 15 minutes of the show just before the head of household competition. It is also being reported that on Friday August 22, 2003 the rest of the head of household competition will take place and wiill be televised during the CBS television broadcast along with the houseguests reactions to Gos arrival.

Of course there is an exchange of "ideas" at the Yahoo group between the original author and Lolly which can be found here:

Original Complaint

Member Response

Lolly Response

Author Rebuttal

Lolly's Dismissal

These posts essentially say 1. I am pissed someone took my stuff and didn't credit it 2. Lolly is a member, why would she do that? 3. Lolly saying she didn't plagiarize - she wrote the piece herself from the papers. 4. Author saying it is too similar to not be stolen and 5. Lolly saying you shouldn't believe everything you read on Reality Enquirer.

Ok so the two posts aren't exactly the same, but there is one glaring error in both posts that really make me believe Reality 411 stole the post from Oh Brother TV. And that is that both posts misspell Julie Chen's name! Coincidence? I think not.

BB4BBQ Moves Up! 

Today is a milestone for BB4BBQ.com as a Big Brother site. In the Alexa statistics, it has passed that juggernaut JokersUpdates.com with a surprising margin!

I had been watching BB4BBQ rapidly creep up in the stats ever since they got their hosting problem resolved, but was still amazed that they have come so far so fast. It is especially astonishing since BB4BBQ does not have its own message board or have live feed updates. What it does have is a small group of dedicated contributors that come up with great stuff on Big Brother. Which brings up the old debate - which is better, content or community?

Keep an eye on these two sites in the days and weeks as they battle it out to determine which Big Brother site is the most visited on the web!

Saturday, August 09, 2003

Sad Day 

I don't know how I missed this one - guess I just wasn't paying attention.

BB4-Online has shut its doors for the Big Brother 4 season. If you remember earlier this season Nancy the webmaster had closed the site due to her doctor's orders, but had reopened it because she felt she could handle it, and loved Big Brother so much. Well it looks like her doctor was right, and she has closed the sites down.

I hope you feel better soon, and look forward to seeing you back in business for Big Brother 5!

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Does Saying You Cheated Still Make It Right? 

I did some more reading on Reality 411 and found this:

slwann 7/17

I just have one thing to say and that is I am sorry to Lolly if this has created alot of trouble for her web site and I am sorry to the people who I took there postings from.
Now for my defense. Back on 7/10/03 I did a posting and I did say at the top took from another site. I didn't even think about crediting the site. I was just happy I finally found another site that was doing better postings then this site (the one I love the most). I figured people would like to read the updates in one neat place and not have to click on every different poster. So it took me a long while out of my morning to take out what I thought people would like and have missed and take out the double postings. You know when something happens good and 5 different people post the same thing 5 different times. Well anyway I did this thinking I was helping others, not to take credit for being the best poster or to see my name on the pc. Well after I did that one post I figured the regular people who know how I post would know when I did my regular posting and when I took the postings from another site so I didn't keep repeating myself saying taken from another site. I have not had a chance to watch much live feeds and I do realize this year I do have more postings taken from another site but I only did it to keep people updated and interested in this site. Since this has all gone down in the past couple days I truthfully haven't felt like updating and just watching the feeds for myself and forget everyone else. But I do see a couple peole here have supported me and Lolly too Thank you that means alot. I will continue to post and if you don't like it tuff and if you don't have anything nice to say keep it to yourself.

p.s. I also did some postings in the other web site too I just didn't use the same name as this site. So I also was helping them out too I just wasn't stealing as you all think.

I just don't comprehend the reasoning here. Slwann found another site that did better postings than Reality 411, so decided to take those posts and put them on Reality 411 without crediting the original site? The people that do update posting spend a lot of time doing it, the people that host the boards spend a lot of time and money making their sites places that people want to post at - so why should they be pleased that their "content" is being taken and posted somewhere else? If Reality 411 (or any site for that matter) is so great, it should not have to steal material from other sites - it should be able to generate its own. Survival of the fittest - reality tv Darwinism - make a great site and they will come. Don't take care of your site and it will die.

The worst part about this is that the problem was brought up last month, but the practice is still in place and condoned by the webmaster.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Just A Little Extra 

Take a look at Reality TV Extra and note that BB4-Online, Reality 411, and Reality Trash are no longer members of the conglomerate.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Behind Closed Doors 

Here is some of what is going on behind the Reality 411's closed doors:

Aug 4th at 6:47 PM sheflys posted on realitynewslive a post entitled "Dana and Rob".

At 9:05 PM the post was posted to reality411 by slwann. She renamed it "Hot
tub talk".

This morning, Aug 5th, at 6:43 AM sheflys replied to her post, saying that it was
a stolen post from realitynewslive and that sheflys was the author of the post.

At 10:13 AM heylollylolly from 411 edited my post, and removed the title
and all of the text.

Sheflys finds out at about 7:30 p.m. that they have been banned from the Reality 411 forums.

Seems some others complained about the purloined posts too. Seems HeyLollyLolly is doing some creative moderating to keep people knowing it was stolen. Some are saying this is why the doors are closed.

Knock knock!

Unreality 411 

Has Reality411.com suddenly began requiring membership to view and post on its forums? Take a look and see if you can get in.

The really rich part is the statement from the admin:

Message from the Administrator of Reality411.com

Due to the high traffic on our board, we are going to be limiting access to members only from this time on. Board costs have increased exponentially due to so many viewers who do not post. If you would like free access to the board and all the live feed updates, please take a moment to pick a nickname and password for ezboard. It is free. Just click on no thanks at the prompts if you do not want a gold membership or ez supporter membership. EZ Board will send you one email. A validation link will be included in that email. Click on it to activate your membership. AGAIN this is a FREE membership. Your email will not be revealed to anyone on the board. Once admitted to the board please make at least one post to let us know you made it in. Thanks for your consideration!

OK I am not really believing any of this. First, isn't EZBoard, which Reality411 runs on, a free board? You only have to pay to get rid of ads, if I remember correctly - does that increase with increasing traffic? But claiming high traffic is a real hoot - if you have taken a look at their forums lately, the only person that does any posting is Hey Lolly herself, and that very seldom. And since you can see how many people are looking at the forums, it is easy to tell people aren't knocking down the doors to read this site! So the whole business of high traffic and high costs is just unbelievable!

Locking a site down like this is suicide in the competitive Big Brother and reality site world. Might as well post a big old sign saying "Closed For Business" and shutter the windows.

I think this has a lot more to do with the preceding post, and the fact that a BB4BBQ supporter spammed her forums with the Mike Danger story and she didn't even check her forums to find them for over 12 hours! High traffic indeed .

Monday, August 04, 2003

And Now - The Rest Of The Story 

You can read the first part on realitytrash.com. But here is the whole unedited (notice that the realityenquirer link is different here than there? And that only half of the chat was posted?) chat between Hey Lolly Lolly and Phusion:

[phusion] Divine Secret of the YaYa-Sisters?
[amylubscheese] noooooo
[amylubscheese] guess who i am
[amylubscheese] u know me well...
[amylubscheese] u can tell no oneeeeeee
[amylubscheese] yayaya
[phusion] Digilady.
[amylubscheese] nice ladeee but not this one...
[amylubscheese] i know her
[amylubscheese] she is from the nashville state
[phusion] Somebody from JokersUpdates, obviously
[amylubscheese] i am a member there
[phusion] Nashville is not a state, it's a city.
[amylubscheese] i have a site
[amylubscheese] well several i guess
[amylubscheese] here is a clue
[phusion] Spamgirl?
[amylubscheese] nooooooooooo
[amylubscheese] is she here
[phusion] I don't think so.
[amylubscheese] she is cool like meeeee
[phusion] ok
[amylubscheese] dang it
[amylubscheese] well here is your clue...
[amylubscheese] i am an honorary canadian
[phusion] Wow, that narrows it down to 30millions people.
[amylubscheese] y a ya y a
[amylubscheese] i lub my phusion
[phusion] Who doesn't?
[amylubscheese] cbsuxxx
[amylubscheese] rnlsuxxx
[amylubscheese] but i like amy
[amylubscheese] lol
[phusion] Ok lol
[amylubscheese] lol
[amylubscheese] u have known me for 2 or 3 bb's
[amylubscheese] u post sometimes at my site
[phusion] lolly?
[amylubscheese] the survivor blonde lady that love drugs is ur icon right???
[amylubscheese] ya ay yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[phusion] Yea
[amylubscheese] how r u
[phusion] Lolly?
[amylubscheese] ya ya ya
[phusion] You're Canadian?
[amylubscheese] i am an honorary canadian
[amylubscheese] have passport will travel
[amylubscheese] lol
[phusion] ahhhh
[phusion] Why don't you come in BBCBS anymore?
[amylubscheese] i thought u lived in canada
[amylubscheese] no i live in usa
[amylubscheese] tis a long storeeeee my phusion
[amylubscheese] what stae are u in btw
[phusion] I'm in Canaad
[amylubscheese] i will tell u
[amylubscheese] o o o
[amylubscheese] i loveeeeeee canada
[amylubscheese] i will be visiting there soon
[amylubscheese] the writer and originator of that realityenquirer site is
[amylubscheese] alltho she wont ever admit it
[phusion] hah
[amylubscheese] [http://realityenquirer.blogspot.com]
[amylubscheese] i think that is the addy maybe
[phusion] How do you know it's her?
[amylubscheese] well
[amylubscheese] there have been some major security breaches in a few places
[amylubscheese] accusung no one am i
[phusion] Weird
[phusion] But I'd doubt that SG is the creator of RE
[amylubscheese] corporate blogger.com has comfirmed the reg of the free site
there to one etc
[amylubscheese] it gets weirder
[amylubscheese] butr i am trying not to freak u out phusion
[phusion] She's running BB4BBQ of BlogSpot.com
[amylubscheese] o i doubted it too for a while
[amylubscheese] yes
[amylubscheese] it had a few "problems in the past 2 weeks right?
[amylubscheese] server issues???
[phusion] With their host
[amylubscheese] thats what she posted
[amylubscheese] ah yes "her host"
[phusion] WEird
[amylubscheese] well "her host was the product of hacking and stolen
bandwidth from a host server in California...
[amylubscheese] well "her host was the product of hacking and stolen
bandwidth from a host server in California...
[amylubscheese] again dont go by what i say...
[amylubscheese] but it is all gonna happen soooooooon
[amylubscheese] the evidence will be presented by that host company in
[phusion] I doubt she would bash her own site on RealityEnquirer
[amylubscheese] somebody(prolly her) hacked into someone host account in
[amylubscheese] the whole bbq was being stored on the hacked into servers
[amylubscheese] she just bought the bbq domain name
[amylubscheese] lol about bashing her own site
[amylubscheese] lol
[amylubscheese] just remeber what i have told u
[amylubscheese] u will see it all unfold
[amylubscheese] if i am wrong
[amylubscheese] yayaya no one is hurt
[phusion] I think you're wrong, sorry to say
[amylubscheese] i wish i was wrong
[amylubscheese] truly believe me phusion
[phusion] And you did all that re-search "alone" lol?
[amylubscheese] a person somehow dropped a worm into a computer of mine
[phusion] BB4BBQ is hosted on a person's I know site.
[amylubscheese] TELL THEM TO BE Carefull
[phusion] Why?
[amylubscheese] yes she had to restore everything somewhere else
[amylubscheese] when it was discovered
[amylubscheese] yes she had to restore everything somewhere else
[amylubscheese] when it was discovered
[amylubscheese] because a few and i use the word few loosley
[amylubscheese] "other things have happened
[phusion] Who are you doing this research with? I'm curious... lol
[amylubscheese] the host company in la is investigating as well as the fbi
[phusion] And is this all worth it? It's the internet after all
[amylubscheese] cause it has gone over to 2 companys and three states now
[amylubscheese] cause it has gone over to 2 companys and three states now
[amylubscheese] the fbi mirrored out my whole computers hard drive
[amylubscheese] o i agree phusion
[amylubscheese] this was a stupid criminal thing for anyone to do
[phusion] I think you're full of shit, sorry
[phusion] You two were so close and then you say shit like that?
[phusion] It's just odd
[amylubscheese] well i didnt know who SHE REALLY is
[amylubscheese] we were really closer than u thought
[amylubscheese] lol
[phusion] I'm not
[amylubscheese] just watch and see what happens
[amylubscheese] lol
[phusion] No wonder you always get beat up by people
[amylubscheese] np:)
[phusion] You cause shit lol
[amylubscheese] lol
[amylubscheese] hey
[amylubscheese] i only got hit by a man one time
[amylubscheese] and i left him
[amylubscheese] lol
[phusion] lol
[amylubscheese] ppl dont beat up on me
[amylubscheese] lol
[phusion] I won't, I'm not like that
[amylubscheese] i know
[amylubscheese] you seem quite respectable to me
[amylubscheese] i let officials and authorities handle stuff and my
[amylubscheese] no one can get to me
[amylubscheese] lol
[phusion] But why do pay this stuf $$$ when it's only for BigBrother?
[phusion] Keep your money, go in Hawaii
[amylubscheese] what to ya mean
[amylubscheese] i like television and bigbrother
[amylubscheese] its only one thing i do
[amylubscheese] i make no big money from it
[phusion] Did you contact Spamgirl about it?
[amylubscheese] i have 3 lawyers on retainer
[amylubscheese] that handle business things for me
[amylubscheese] i dont pay any extra
[phusion] What were the 2 compagnies you contacted.. because I don't think
he site was hosted in US
[amylubscheese] my company in mississippi and a company in Atlanta georgia
and the host company in cali
[amylubscheese] o i will come
[amylubscheese] i miss u
[amylubscheese] of course
[phusion] How all the sudden, you came up with that idea she ws on a hacked
[amylubscheese] well i found the evidence
[amylubscheese] its my server in cali
[amylubscheese] talk about talking chit about someone
[phusion] What?
[amylubscheese] how bout talking like u r their friend
[amylubscheese] and pulling crap like this chit
[amylubscheese] ya ya ya'
[phusion] You did all that research alone? lol
[amylubscheese] no
[amylubscheese] i told u the server company noticed intrusions from
[amylubscheese] ca and new jersey
[amylubscheese] i dont usually travel there
[amylubscheese] so they contacted me
[amylubscheese] cause of the unusualness of what was done
[phusion] Spamgirl is not in NJ or CA, is she?
[amylubscheese] they can tell where i login from
[amylubscheese] lol
[amylubscheese] doesnt she pretend to be from canada?
[phusion] She's not from Cananda??????
[amylubscheese] no she lives in NJ
[amylubscheese] ya ya ya
[amylubscheese] lol
[amylubscheese] truly
[amylubscheese] she may have an office or place in canada
[amylubscheese] ya ya ya
[amylubscheese] when more stuff is publically revealled am am writing about
it to explain this all
[phusion] But I don't beleive SG is from NewJersey
[phusion] I met her in Toronto, Canada like 3 weeks ago lol
[amylubscheese] well she has a house there
[phusion] She lives in an appartement
[amylubscheese] she could be canadian but not unless she revoked her usa
[phusion] She's doesn't have one.
[amylubscheese] yes she "says" she lives in an apartment in canada i know
sweeet phusion
[amylubscheese] lol
[phusion] I went in her appartement! stayed there!!!!!!!!! lol
[amylubscheese] wooooow
[amylubscheese] fAB
[amylubscheese] DID YA SEE HER PASSPORT
[amylubscheese] LOL
[phusion] I met her parents.
[amylubscheese] SO U KNOW WHO SHE REALLY IS
[amylubscheese] LOL
[phusion] I went to her parent's house
[amylubscheese] hmmmm
[amylubscheese] wow
[phusion] See, are you lying now??? haha
[amylubscheese] its just gets better and better
[phusion] I think you're a fucking alcoholic who can't do anything better
with her life to cause shit
[amylubscheese] i dont ever
[phusion] SEriously, you're as dumb as a brick
[phusion] I'm ignoring you, ignored.. bye
[amylubscheese] i believe u went some placwe if u say u did

TWoP Lives! 

Television Without Pity has posted a nice note on their site declaring that they are "Sticking Around":

If you read only one short announcement about the future of TWoP today, make it this one: TWoP is sticking around. There will be more specifics in the coming weeks when we are in the position to let you know about them, but for now join us in the warm and fuzzy feeling of a site's existence ensured.

So it seems our info that demise was possible had some basis. But the real question is what is next? Someone buying the site? A major supporter pushing money into the site? New host, new design?

Enquiring minds want to know!

Friday, August 01, 2003

Isn't That Special? 

Was taking my weekly trek to see what was happening at Jokers Updates and found this nice Screen Of Death.

From my understanding Jokers has two servers, one dedicated to its MySQL database. Was there something special happening on Big Brother today to have the site swamped?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Just in:

Veto - 700 folks/10 minutes.. we're still configging the new server to handle peaks like this.

Server admin is tweaking it - we're close to having the problem solved