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Friday, March 31, 2006

It's All About Me 

I have gotten a few emails recently, one entitled "What's your issue?" and one stating:

Jokersupdates mod(s) are giving IP information about Jokers members to the Wawa's Watering Hole. Jokersupdates mods who are members of the Wawa's Watering Hole are Kaz and hopper. Which one is the squealer? One or both?

Well I am just going to say I am getting pretty tired of the whole Jokers Updates drama. We have all sorts of splinter boards showing up, Reality TV Gossip should be renamed Jokers Updates Gossip, and it is all really affecting my reading pleasure.

Let us look at the big and little picture. First the little picture - Jokers is run by a drama queen, plain and simple. She has taken a very well run site from Joker and turned it into a suburban high school, except all the grownups are on a permanent vacation. People are always going to flock to it during Big Brother as long as they can keep their live feed updates going. Some people are always going to get burned if they stick around, and they are going to leave to other boards, or start their own boards. And there will be hard feelings all around.

Now the big picture - this happens all the time on the internet. Many of the reality tv sites out there were started as splinter groups from others. Elites TV sprouted from TV Clubhouse. In a way the current Jokers came from Elites TV (it is interesting to note Jokerette was booted out of both of these sites - too bad she can't boot her out of Jokers Updates). The defunct Reality TV Fans came from Big 3 Shows. I believe Media Fiends came from Reality TV Fans. We have splinter boards coming from Fans of Reality TV. They are everywhere.

Do you remember some of those that didn't make it though? Where is realityroxs - one of the first splinter boards from TV Clubhouse? How big is the membership at Reality TV Fans Refugees? How dead is Reality 411? Tornado Hills? Is the Mecca of Razz really hopping?

Splinter boards are so often created in response to anger. And in the beginning that anger drives the site - and brings in people that want to see what the anger is all about. Never great numbers, because the people that are interested come from a very small pool to begin with - the parent site. And that is the crux of the problem - anger can't sustain a site over the long term. For a site to grow it has to get past the anger, cause the anger is a cancer that will eventually kill. A splinter site has to change its focus to something that will make it grow to be successful. Maybe something like reality tv.

Look at the history. Tornado Hills was a site created to get away from the oppressive moderating of TV Clubhouse. It tried to be a new reality site, however, its main draw was its "hate" threads about TV Clubhouse and Elites TV. Tornado Hills was closed when the Mecca of Razz was opened - and it is a graveyard of a site now. Realityrox was also a splinter group of TV Clubhouse - but it couldn't survive, some say because of a member's only area that was focused on its parent.

The sites that succeeded? Reality TV Fans was a splinter board - but they focused on reality tv and not where they came from. Media Fiends the same - they knew to focus on what was important. Elites TV also moved away from their hate of TV Clubhouse and turned their attention to being reality tv site, and thrived.

So the message here? You sites that really want to make a go of it - get down to the business of entertainment, not anger and hate, cause hate and anger is just going to make you a backwater in the reality tv world, or just another fatality. As to all the private sites - I know you are out there and I know where you are - but I don't really care. By being a private site you may as well be in a dark room masturbating because you sure aren't (pro)creating.

Now do something entertaining so I can enjoy myself again!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Old News, No News 

I thought this was old news, but it seems some of you haven't heard about the WaWa group from Jokers Updates starting their own private board.

Take a look at their forum or to see who all has jumped ship take a look at their user list.

It does look like a lot of old Jokers people have been on that site since January - and even a Jokers mod - Hopper? I thought that was against the rules Jokerette!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Dased and Confuzed 

How are the posters in the Jokers Current Affairs forum supposed to know what the rules are when they change day to day depending on which mod you talk to and which way the wind blows? The rule has always been that you do not discuss the source of the article but the content of the article. Then we had someone come along and question Fox News as a source and we get this post from bustbunny2:

Notice to all:

Discussing the source IS fine. We're all entitled to place value on a given source as we see fit. What is NOT okay is going on about each other. There's some definite line-toeing going on tonight. Please take it back to the actual topic. Thank you.

The next day someone questions Washington Post as the source of an article and we get this post from debber:

Seriously how many times does it take? Stop with the source bashing. And this goes for EVERYONE.

If the story is slanted, the writer did it. Argue the story NOT the source, this is petty and annoying. Do we need time outs all around? Unless that article is about slanted sources, then it NOT up for debate. IS THAT CLEAR ENOUGH?

How can the posters keep the rules straight if the mods can't even do so?

RE UPDATE: Some of our reliable readers have informed us that Jokers is pretty consistent in their policy on sources. From what I understand the policy is set up to ensure articles are discussed on their merits, including the source, but discourages dismissing an article purely due to its source. And to discourage endless debates on the merit of a source. So stating an article comes from Penthouse Letters so may be somewhat suspect, then discussing the article is OK. But stating that an article comes from the New York Times and thus is rubbish is not.

I am still Dased and Confuzed.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

True Colors 

Jokerette has made an interesting post in the Beejay memorial forum here:


There is so much wrong with this post I don't know where to start.

First we see how Jokerette talks about her staff with other people:

I went to Las Vegas, and sitting around bsing with several users and a mod of 2, we got talking about bj. Well, I said she was slightly prejudiced to the left, and was giggling and laughing about it.

Beejay quit Jokers over those comments. Now Jokerette wants us to believe that Beejay admitted that it was really all her fault:

During this chemo, she hit me out of the blue one day. Asked did I remember the fiasco in Vegas. I did. Then she said straight out that she had been wrong. She'd found out that whoever said that to her, lied to her. And she was just so sorry.

Kind of convenient to reveal this now - that no one can contradict the story.

Finally we see how fair and even handed and mature the moderating really is in the Current Affairs forum:

First we playied a joke on CA. We told them they had a new moderator, and I modded BJ in there. Her name simply showed up one day. The Reps never said ONE WORD but boy were they hot.

Personally I think a lot of people ought to be HOT.