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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Reveal Part 1: Staci Lives! 

Well I am not getting a lot of interest in my poll, but what is there says I should reveal who I am. I probably won't do the final reveal unless there are 100 or more votes - so tell your friends and neighbors.

But to tantalize you here is the truth about something that everyone has speculated about.

I am Reality Trash.

Yeah of course she never died. My life was getting too filled up with other demands, and I couldn't spend enough time to keep publishing new issues at the rate I was. I was getting good content from lots of people, but trying to put it all together in a magazine type format was just too much. So I decided to quit.

Then the brilliant idea - what better way to leave than to die? Maybe put a little bit of guilt on some trolls? So I met my untimely demise.

My poor brother had to go and put that parting message on my site. He screwed up the HTML so it all came out in red - so dramatic. I wish my HTML skills would have been better back then.

Reality Trash was a great and unique idea and I was so surprised how popular it became. Too bad it was so time consuming.

Go back and read it again! http://realitytrash.5u.com/finalissue.html

And if you have any questions about the Reality Trash phase of my life, send me an email and I will be happy to respond.


Friday, January 15, 2010

To Reveal Or Not To Reveal 

Well it is pretty obvious this blog has not had much activitiy. I guess all the drama has left the reality web universe.

So maybe it is time to reveal who is behind this blog. I am sure there are one or two people who know, though I have never admitted it, so maybe it is time to confirm their suspicions.

I have set up a poll to see what you, the readers, want. Also if you have your own guess, place it in the comments.

This should be interesting.