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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Just When You Thought All Was Lost 

Sorry I didn't catch this in my mailbox, seems I have been somewhat lax in looking at it since the new addition to the family.

So here it is - one of my old friends is still alive and kicking. Form the mailbox:

Just a short addendum to the continuing boring BBVoyeur/BBTomcat saga.

At JU he has been recently posting as Trow1520 & User623. Everyone knows of course, but ever since the interesting group of conservatives left at the same time all the wawas took their toys & left, CA at JU has been in rapid decline & in desperate need of new republicans to pick up the slack, so management has apparently decided to cut BBVoyeur & all his reincarnations some slack after banning him & his two other known JU aliases QueenAlice & Pagechan.

What is kind of amusing is when Trow & User start replying to each other just like BBVoyeur & BBTomcat did at his BB Creative Developement & Mecca of Razz sites & at Mecca there was a short time period when BBV,BBT,QA & PC were all replying to each other. Funny & sad at the same time.

And even though he's an obvious baiter & a lonely old man with too much time on his hands, he has an occasional moment when he does add some entertainment, if only by accident so, when CA on its best day is usually a p/x chit/chat session, BBV/Trow/User do provide some comic relief by default.

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