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Friday, April 14, 2006

Where Have All The Fan Forums Gone? 

From the mailbag - and I would like to know to:

What happened to Fan Forum?? When you log on there you get the following


Fan Forum will return, please check back soon!


Do you want to know why I am asking? Because ENQUIRING MINDS WANT TO

Red Rover Red Rover 

Looks like some of Morty's people have come over to our message board to air a few grievances.

If you don't know, Morty's TV is the perennial winner of our Best Big Brother site poll - mostly due to his fanactic and faithful following.

Now we have at least a few people - whom some call malcontents - lashing out at the way the site is being run in the off-season.

But you can read it all here http://p071.ezboard.com/frealityenquirerfrm2.showMessage?topicID=23.topic and decide for yourself.

Morty - call me!

Happy Happy Birthday 

Two of our reality tv sites have just celebrated birthdays!

Reality TV Gossip's Deb posted on April 12th that it was one year ago that she started that site with the help of a lot of friends.

And one of the older sites, Elites TV, celebrated its 5th birthday on April 13th.

Congratulations to both sites and may you both be around for a long time!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

If They Can't Take A Joke 

I was going to write a series of articles on some criticism I have received on this blog lately, and even made it through the first one. Of course that article also raised some new criticism.

So I started thinking about what I am doing here, and you know, it is all really pretty stupid. Here I am writing a small, insignificant blog and people are harping on me for not doing better research on things sent in, or for having an opinion, or for publishing things that have "agendas". So really - this is Reality Enquirer, not the New York Times. The name itself is taken from the National Enquirer - not known for its journalistic integrity. This is a gossip rag - the sole purpose of which is to have a place where inbred boardies can go see what is going on at other sites without having to traipse through the dross that they have no interest in. The only reason it has a negative tone is because people don't send me positive material, material which I would be just as happy to publish as the rants and raves I get. And as far as the rants and raves go, I try to show both sides, if both sides are smart enough to write something intelligible.

Do I piss people off? Inevitably. Do I call it like I see it? Yes I do. Do I have biases? Yes I do. Do I entertain? I hope so.

I will try to keep it real - no Karuuna being abducted by aliens or Jokerette having Michael Jackson's love child. But I will keep doing what I am doing and when you find yourself in the headlines take a long look at yourself and laugh cause you just made the gossip rag.

Enquiring minds want a show.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Sticks And Stones 

I have received a little bit of criticism through the mail and on some of the boards about how this little blog is operated. Since Big Brother is still a bit away, and all the boards are going through their normal spring meltdown, I thought I would write a few articles answering some of the very good points made.

The first criticism is summed up in this quote:

The biggest complaint/problem is that you don’t seem to clearly identify things that you are reporting as opposed to things that are submitted to you and published as is.

Well I do try to differentiate what I write and what is sent to me. Usually something that is sent to me I will preface with something such as "from the mailbox" or "from a reader" or some such drivel. Of course there are a lot of things I publish that I don't qualify - it has been my (probably mistaken) opinion that most of it is so obviously written by someone else that it doesn't need any qualification. I certainly don't want to take credit for it, so in the future I will try to make sure you know what I write myself and what is submitted by others.

Along those lines, there are a lot of people that think that most of what is published here comes from submissions. Well duh - do you think I really have the time to read all of the reality tv sites and keep up with all the personalities and politics? They don't pay me enough to do that. It might be nice, as some have suggested, to have this blog run by multiple people so that everything could be followed in minutia, but there is no way that could happen while retaining the anonymity required to make this blog successful. So I have to rely on my sources to feed me information and articles about what is going on throughout this netnation that has grown up around reality tv.

Which brings us to this problem -
you can't build a decent blog reporting only unverified gossip focused around one source because you eventually begin to lose respect and credibility. Throw us a REAL bone now and then for a change. If somebody sends you an email complaining about a a person or a website, at least try to verify it in some way before posting it so nobody's name gets dragged through the muck who doesn't deserve it.

What most people don't realize is that I do check what people send in. Many times I get multiple emails on a hot topic. I also have sources that I have grown to trust to give me the correct scoop when they send things in. When I am uncertain I email some of the people I know that are associated with the boards or people involved. And of course I am a member of every public site out there, and a number of the private sites - so when breaking news happens, I can normally find out what the real deal is. There are lots of things I get that never get published because they don't pass this scrutiny. It may look like cut and paste, but in reality there is a lot of work involved.

Finally there is this quote
RE is doing less of it’s own research and reporting, and that it is perhaps being used by others with an axe to grind, in order to give their complains wider dissemination and credibility.
But I am going to leave that for another entry.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

ETV High School 

OK I got this one in the mailbox, and it reminds me why I loved Elites TV so much. I guess the reader who wrote in hasn't been keeping up with the drama at Reality TV Gossip. You do have to love my idoit buddy Snowraven. So here is the email:

They are now typing in white so that we can't 'see it'. Are we in high school or what?

Here they are for those that aren't registered ..

Dear RE laurafuckingpalmer? puh-lease! we suck so much more than them..first off we have me...they have well I dunno laurafuckingpalmer...second off we have plenty more imaginary things going on here than they ever will...ever! and mean and hateful ok so we dont spend our days fucktarding..thanks for the honor kids...and watching ip addy log-ins of readers and lurkers and such ala bbpaul and her robotoman but down to the point not only are we hateful not only are we mean we have 5 members and all of us ...eachand everyone of us man woman and freakishly canadian moose schtupping one of us...yep even him oh and we have fricken ponies and god knows what else oh yeah we write in white-oh yeah there is a big one-boohoo...take umbridge that the shoe isnt on the other foot here... your buddy sno... there are more shows than you mentined but I forgot their names as it turns out this site is a closeted law and order repeat site and I dont have time for that and to write ozzie in the dead tatas threads-priorities!...so fuck it...
snow, misha, juju, car, ad, vince, ghost, nor, elitist...that's 9
you, that's 10, LT, 11- indie-12, rato-11, hippy-12, wasabi-13, lurch-14, um, misstexas-15
I have been told that I am not really a member...still a newbie...by-gones...
sorry kids fives the limit
how sad...
and Fanny and SG make 3
and AJ makes 4...who are we missing?
will this work Indie?
can we have her wings fall off?
if you want to do it... i've already spent as much time as i'm willing to on it
I would but I huffed off and am not a member
can we have Snow's beak fall off?

ok .. boring shit .. I know .. but here is the good part!

snowraven (talking about Laura Palmer from RTVG)

does laurafuckenpalmer know that I take great pride in being fucktarded and was even miffed when given a pass as a result of that roboto not having one tiny shred of an ability to understand a bloody thing being said about anything unless it relates to himself or maybe laurafuckingpalmer wellmaybe not laurafuckingpalmer...oh question do you people think of her as laurafuckingpalmer too?well say it out loud as you read it...kind of trips off the tongue doesnt it? your buddy sno...
Jesus these people need to get a life .. but so do I :-)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Forget the WaWa's...it's all about the Wah-Wah's! 

An interesting statistical analysis of Reality TV Gossip from the mailbox - not to sure how significant it is:

RTVG is sad and upset over a recent article posted on RE. Boo-Hoo. Having the shoe on the other foot is just not fair! It's mean! It's pathetic! In fact, it could be said that they are Wah-Wah-Whining!

This is their best and brightest defense:

Laura Palmer
Dead Girl

Re: Wawa's, Board Whores, and Reality Life in General...
« Reply #5 on: April 03, 2006, 11:56 PM »

You know...there has been 70 (give or take a few) articles posted in the Reality TV show threads this week alone.

Hmmm...something doesn't add up. Let's run the numbers...

70 "reality tv" threads in a week alone! There are 7 days in a week. That equals 10 posts per day (in total) for about how many shows?

Let's count all the active shows that are on right now (in alphabetical order, even....my third grade teacher, Miss Dion is somewhere smiling right now - I can just tell...) Sure, some are probably more popular/post-worthy than others, but we can add them all up for fun...

8th & Ocean
Amazing Race 9
American Idol
American Inventor
America's Next Top Model 6
Blow Out
Hogan Knows Best
Little People, Big World
Real World (wherever the hell they are now)
Real Wives of Orange County
Surreal Life
Top Chef

Questionable "reality" (or maybe not as popular to talk about) -
Biggest Loser
Black White
Cheerleader Nation
Deal Or No Deal
Extreme Makeover Home Edition
Miracle Workers
Nashville Star
Starting Over
Survival of the Richest
Wife Swap/Trading Spouses - Meet Your New Mommy

And all those re-runs of that "Flavour of Love" Flava-Flav debacle. That counts for at least half a show, doesn't it?

That's 26 shows (27 if you separate the Trading Wives shows). OK, I will confess I did cheat by looking other reality sites that actually lists these shows. So, we'll say we have 26 shows for a total of 70 (or so) posts. That's 2.69 articles for each active show FOR THE WEEK. American Idol is worth a good 10-15 per week alone. Let's not forget, a lot of these "articles" are just snippets of real articles, with links to the originating site. It's not like there is any actual talk/discussion/gossip about these things that are posted.

Of course, this equation did not include non-reality/drama/comedy...things like Gray's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, The Sopranos, ER, Prison Break, Lost, Heist, My Name is Earl, The Office, The OC, Scrubs etc, etc. If those are figured in - then the numbers are that much more dismal.

For a "reality" site - that's pathetic. They should drop the "Reality TV" part and just call themselves "Gossip". Bad gossip, at that.

I feel gypped. I was promised "REALITY TV gossip" and all I got was this lousy link.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Wawa's, Board Whores, and Reality Life in General... 

From the mailbox:

WaWa board was created 1/19. Invented Current Affairs drama was created 1/30. Interesting, eh?

Also interesting is that Kaz, who normally posted 15-50 posts per day has only posted about 100 total posts in the two months since the WaWa board creation. The fact that she's a JU mod - yet not a very active participant on the board suddenly - would indicate that she's so immersed in the created drama/self-importance going on at WaWaLand, she is willing to risk her mod status at JU as a result.

If that didn't strike enough of a question-mark - WaWa's "Housie" is aka HG13, a former admin at JU and at the Hearth. She's apparently been feeding the drama-machine behind the scenes. She ran to Jokerette and the 'WaWas' with info about the Hearth, and is continuing to do so with her new friends.

Now add the drama that RTVG seems to be consumed with - given that they are queens of consipiracy theories, especially fueled by accusations about those that Empress and Suebee don't agree with - add in a paranoid admin and chaos has drawn them like hyenas to roadkill. What's funny is that RTVG is flip-flopping from pretended innocence to all-out drama-starting. Seems the only thing they have to talk about is other boards. As mentioned in the "Masterbating" article - they are whipping themselves into a frenzy over what other boards are doing. Have you checked out their reality articles lately? Oh - that's right - you can't...because there are none. They are too busy gossiping to realize that the whole point of their site is lost. They are not a "reality" community - they are a pit of blood-crazed vipers, waiting for the next "victim" - or "person out to get them". Perceived "reality" is their only friend there. It seems to keep them company when they are too lonely or generally unable to deal with real life. Seriously, if worrying about other boards is the only thing you talk about, then how interesting are you, really? In RTVG-land, their reality is a distorted perpetual "board war". Their purported "truth" is clouded by a witchhunt-like atmosphere. Everything from "last click" and "who are you on other boards" to "we don't have enough drama" and "fucktard hovel" is about getting those that are supposedly out to get them. It would be interesting - if one is an attention-deprived, paranoid board whore with NO LIFE. Reality is much more boring than these people make themselves out to be. Shall we get out our best Jan Brady voices and in chorus whine "Drama, drama, drama - it's always about drama!" Only when people are willing to complete the tantrum and actually storm off, slam their door, and shut out this created drama will we all be free. The internet is not a bad place - but yes, it has bad people that live to spread their real-life misery and project it on others. Face it - if your life was that great - you would not be posting 50-100+ messages a day about how much other people suck or revelling in your own self-importance. Think about it.

What's the most ironic is that board whores really think they are "nice people"....cutting down other people makes them feel even nicer. Cosmic irony is a bitch.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

A Little More on Media Fiends and RTVF 

I found this nice new article on Media Fiends about their history and the break up from Reality TV Fans:

OK. On to my history. I started in reality TV back during 'Big Brother 2'. I had the feeds & was checking out sites that covered them. I came across RealityTVFans which at the time, was the #1 reality site. When I went into the thread that posted the feeds it was pretty bare. So I gingerly started posting what I saw & heard. I was so nervous cuz during BB1 I had gone to a different site & had posted my opinions & then at some point a weirdo got my email address & started harrassing me cuz we didn't agree on people on the show. I was a total beginner at the Internet back then & didn't want to go through that again.

Click here to read the rest of the article!