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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Janelle's favorite is out of Jokers! 


I've recieved this email today (it's been a while since I got dirt via email.) But it seems that Janelle's favorite poster on Jokers, Taylor has finally quit Jokers for good. Here's what the email said:

Why did I quit Jokers?

Well, for the past 2 months.. I've seriously been considering it. But, I never had the will power to actually do it. It's a lot of fun.. I loved Jokers, I still do. But.. Certain people made it a miserable place often. Not only that, but there is just too much drama at times… I had thought that I passed high school, but apparently not, lol. There are so many people at jokers that I adore, and stay in contact with via email. There are some more that I wish would email me.. But who knows, maybe they don't like me like I liked them. And.. There are people who I can't stand.

When I quit jokers, I posted about it in the p/x. Basically, I said that I was moving on and that anyone can email me if they choose to. After that, I took Jokers out of my favorites and didn't visit it until about 5 people emailed me telling me about the hatred people were posting. Saying I did it for attention, was selfish, or was throwing a temper tantrum. Another thing that was said is that I attacked people constantly, and pitted people against each other. HectorOfTroy, TrainFan, Marley, Pittsburg, and Sarah can all go play in traffic (that list is by no means full). I want to thank Diana and MsB, and all the other people who were so sweet to me in that thread, for sticking up for me. That thread was since deleted.

Was I always nice to people? Absolutely not. Sometimes I posted bitchy replies. Don't we all? And yeah.. Certain people who I know didn't like me I was a little rude to sometimes. But I have no idea how or when I attacked people constantly or pitted people against others. Certain people that I am (I thought) close to, turned against me.

I love Jokers. I wish that there wasn't a reason for me to quit. Am I blaming it on others? Not completely. Other people made it less fun for me, but it wasn't just that. Jokers was taking way too much time out of my life. It was effecting my mood.. It was a dysfunctional relationship I had. But, in life.. When things aren't working for me, I move on.

Jokers was a wonderful part of a year of my life. I'm so glad I joined, because I had so much fun and got to know some wonderful people. MANY wonderful people. I grew as a person. I "hung out" with groups of people that I normally wouldn't. And quitting Jokers did nothing but make me a stronger person.. I can move on from a situation that doesn't work for me.

Will I ever post again? Nope. At first I thought maybe for BB. But if I really had to post about BB, I'll go to Survivor Sucks. Someone at Jokers started a thread today saying they missed me. Bless their heart. I miss most everyone too, and I hope they'll go to my profile, get my email address and email me. Someone emailed me a link to that post, which, by the time I saw it, turned into a post for people to bitch about me. LOL

Anyway.. I just wanted to state my case. People are emailing me up the butt asking me why I quit and a few have emailed me trashing me. That's cool. I'm a tough cookie J Keep the emails coming, I love to hear from my lovely friends at Jokers!!!

Thanks to RE for posting this for me, and thanks to Jokers for all the love, good times, and friendships. You guys rock!!!


IWTA: Sarah is still fighting with people?

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