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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Better late than never ... 

It's been awhile but I thought I would check the email for the heck of it and this is what I found -


Did anybody notice that all the moderators that John fired from the FORT in the last year and a half(the ones who helped him start that site and who worked their asses off for him) since September, 2002) had their names changed on the site from that purple "beaten up and bruised" color to green?

When they were moderators their names were in red. After they got fired their names went to the beaten-up-and-bruised-purple color. Some of them were proud to be purple because it was fitting. Because they all were beaten up and bruised by the guy that they helped. John and Amanda run that place now. They want people to forget about how they got to where they are today. They've taken a step to quietly push the former titans of the FORT further into oblivion, as if those hard-working, devoted people never did a damned thing at the forum.

Hows that for loyalty? Hows that for appreciation? It was much more appropriate when John listed his ex-moderatorss (eny, Wolf, Paulie, Zhora, BravoFan, sher, Cali and others) in the black-and-blue-purple color because that color clearly signified that John kicked the shit out of those people before he kicked them to the curb. Now they've all been turned green so they fit in with all the other green memebers there, as if they never contributed to the FoRT site and as if the whole brutal, de-modding spree never occurred. All nice and tidy-like.

We cant wait to see how he buries the bodies of his current modereators when the time comes. Anyone got popcorn?

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