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Thursday, April 28, 2005

What A Wicked Web We Weave 

Well I got a letter from Maharet. Very interesting. Here are the highlights:

"Apparently the people over at PoopyPalace think I sent the tip to you about them."

"the stuff about IP’s is absolutely ridiculous."

"The rest is nothing but lies from a man with an axe to grind."

"Oh, and as you can see, this is my email address. I don’t know what email address the person who sent the original article to you used, but you can obviously see it isn’t this one."

Why is this all so interesting? Well, because I did check the email addresses, which of course didn't match. But a quick look at the email headers show the emails came from the exact same IP address. Meaning it is almost certain it came from the same person. At the same time, it does kind of suggest Maharet knows nothing about IP addresses and the internet.

When confronted with this fact, I got this response:

"All I can do is express to you the frustration of being lied about constantly by these people. The frustration got the better of me."

Seems to me what we need here is a good mirror to look into.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Just A Love Triangle 

Seems my link to Poopy Palace stirred up some, umm, well poop. Go to this link and start at about page 7 or 8 to get the latest:


From what I can tell, the love is all between Reality News Live, Pandemonium Palace, and Poopy Palace. And that love has been going on for a while.

Just in from the person who runs Poopy:

hi, I run www.poopypalace.com. You, obviously, were duped by someone about what the site is about. This site skewers the members of pandemoniumpalace.com....which was a bitch site started to take shots at people at RNL. The Mod who you are taking up for.....Maharet......removed HERSELF from the rolls as moderator because she wanted to take shots at people....which she ended up doing on Pandemonium Palace for months. SHE ASKED TO HAVE HER MOD STATUS REVOKED. You got that a bit wrong. NowPandemonium Palace has made great efforts to remove the offending threads after almost a year's worth of attack threads....and you chime into the middle of this. Seems odd.

You got a lot of this story wrong....and if you are Maharet.....I could understand why.....because you'd want to make your actions look better than they are. If you aren't Maharet....then.....you've simply been used by someone that is scrambling after having tried to out everyone's personal life, IP addresses, steal materials from other reality websites, and most of all, someone that uses her own insecurities to parade around the internet blasting people because she can't figure out how to get an audience otherwise.

Thanks for linking to my site, however, we don't talk about reality tv at all....but I'm sure we'll get a few members there from yours.

you got used. enjoy it.


I love being used. However you are also wrong about one thing - you may not talk about reality tv, but you are (can this really be) a site that was created to bitch about people on a site that bitches about a reality tv site. Now if that isn't fodder for a site that reports on reality tv sites, then nothing is.

When a Bans Not a Ban 

Well it seems like the Mocha/Honey ban didn't last long.

Turns out Mocha was suspended (twice- once for questioning moderation on the TVCH board, once for telling the mods to kiss her ass) and at the end of the suspension (as well as on the board at Elites) she was sent an e-mail by the moderators that included the rules and guidelines for posting at TVCH. She was asked to click one of two buttons- to either signify that she agreed or disagreed with the rules.

She was suspended for about 4 days, and after receiving the above e-mail, she copied it to a large group of people spanning both TVCH and Elites and ended her e-mail with the coy comment "guess which button I chose", implying she had refused the offer to reinstate her.
Old timers at Elites noticed that Mocha's profile remained active and showed that she was logging in daily to read. Said old-timers started asking questions there about the supposed banning at which point, Mocha (Honey at Elites) admitted that she had never "actually" been banned...just suspended...and she returned to posting at TVCH the next day.

In the meantime, she is sending members of both boards tiny collectable shoes that she collects, and she and her posse have set up shop in a rarely used chatroom nightly.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Getting The Poop On Reality News Live 

It seems an moderator at Reality News Live (Romie) is talking bad about one of their members via http://www.poopypalace.com

This is the same reason a previous moderator was asked to resign. The difference being the person Romie is talking about isn't popular while the person the previous moderator was talking about is. Double standard?

To get the full scoop of poop, start here:


Saturday, April 16, 2005

Kiss My Mocha Fanny, Honey 

My sources say there was a little dust up last week at Television Clubhouse (TVCH at tvch.bomis.com) - a poster named Mocha got into a fight with one of the mods - who also posts under the name of Karuuna. It was a parenting thread started by Graceunderfyre asking for some advice - someone posted about spanking their child, which Mocha favors - things got heated. Another poster really got flamed for admitting he spanked. Of course all of this has disappeared from the board

Mocha got a warning from the mods, and she told them to kiss her ass. Which resulted in a suspension (I guess ass kissing is frowned upon). Mocha now says she is banned.

Mocha has now migrated back to ElitesTV where she is known as Honey (remember we reported when she huffed off with Jozzrocks) and has now defiantly returned and brought a wave of people from TVCH- Hippyt, Grannyg, Pcakes2, Wasabi (Yankee_in_Ca at TVCH), Scoots, LLKoolaid.

Reports say there is now a big divide...the regulars at ETV and this exodus from TVCH. Some of the cross-posters who belong to both boards are kind of straddling the divide.

If I remember right, this has happened before, and most of the people returned to TVCH after a few weeks or months. Well I guess if you really think about it, Elites TV was started by people who left TVCH in a huff to begin with.

Monday, April 11, 2005

June and JayGee Are A Hoot at JokersUpdates 

Seems the ever critical Elyza, formerly of Elites TV, has shown up at JokersUpdates as JayGee and just published another stinker of an article on their site as someone named June.

Then the shit hit the fan. Take a look at


where the natives get restless and look ready for a lynching.

The best part is where Jokerette tries to tell everybody the article isn't bad, it is just satire. Where it seems the readers say "Satire This!"

The interesting thing is how Elites TV kicked Elyza off their board because she was so critical of the writing at that site (among other things - see http://realityenquirer.blogspot.com/2004_05_01_realityenquirer_archive.html#108397916612248902). Now she has published an article at Jokers that makes the writing at Elites look like Pulitzer prize winning material.