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Monday, August 29, 2005

Racism? On A Reality TV Board? 

I decided to look at some of my own archives, and the first one I looked at was the demise of Reality TV Fans and the creation of Reality TV Fans Refugees. So I decided to take a look at the Refugee site (the old Reality TV Fans domain is just a front door to Sir Links A Lot, but that is another story altogether).

Much to my amazement there were serious things going on over there, and nobody wrote me about them:


Seems a few remarks were passed around in emails that were somewhat prejudiced. But of more interest is the new and old wounds this has stirred up on the site. Its a long read, but worth it.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Circle Of Life 

Well the TV Clubhouse people have pretty much gone over the hill - the whole fuss about Animal House, Farm, whatever is that they have created a new area for "edgier" posting. Seems the rules are still the same, but now you can say poop instead of shit. This is about the most inane thing I have seen a board do since Jokers Updates turned soft porn.

But it seems the whole event has far reaching consequences. First, the vagabond boardhopper, Mocha/Honey - sometimes know as Hocha or Money - seems to be pissed at Elites TV due to the whole tiny shoe operation. But she also seems to be on the verge of another huff off from TVCH over this whole Animal thing. See this thread:


She has also taken up residence at that recently found board - which seems to be a TVCH spinoff with about 4 1/2 members - Big Brother Creative Development (let's not get too pretensious). And of course TVCH is the topic of discussion:


At the same time she is giving that much smaller board Elites TV a thrashing! In their typical fashion the people at Elites TV think this must be an honor:


The interesting thing is that Hocha has taken up with Tobor7 who is now frequenting all three of the same boards. Tobor7 is the same one that Elites TV claims is their new owner. Even Elitist seems to have admitted it. At least Tobor is spreading the word at http://www.tvclubhouse.com/forum/messages/10972/2570460.html?1124931018

The really scary thing is the circle is broader. Tobor and Hocha have both shown up at that infamous board owned by Guru, the Mecca of Razz - take a look at http://p078.ezboard.com/fthemeccaofrazzfrm56.showMessage?topicID=16.topic

Talk about circle of life - Guru is still the center of the universe of misfit toys, including the bane of TVCH, BBVoyeur.

And since Guru was also the bane of Elites TV, mostly because of the current owner of Jokers Updates, Digilady/Jokerette, it would be unfitting not to include in this circle the other recently found board, which seems to be a spinoff of Jokers refugees (I definitely recognize the names of some people that used to be really top echelon Jokers), RealityTVGossip.com

All we need now is James Earl Jones and a snappy musical number.

You Have To Be Quick 

No I am not crazy. You just had to hit http://www.tvclubhouse.com/index.html while the viewing was hot. Looks like it is back to normal now.

What you missed was a new TVCH front page with references to Animal House (the Orwell Book, not the National Lampoon movie). The thread in the second link is the "news stories" that were released based on that front page.

Our sources say the whole fiasco got a lot of TVCH member's panties knotted, up to the point of leaving the site. Seems they haven't had an arghasm in a long time over there.

And no, I don't know how pandemonium palace fits in to all of this.

Update: No I wasn't crazy - I just had the link wrong! Try it now.

Neil. Rolling Over. Grave. 

What the heck is going on over at TV Clubhouse? Seems the new owners have already thrown away everything the old owner ever stood for.


For more "info", and an exercise in narcissm, see:


Maybe it is just a plot to confuse all of the TVCH spinoff boards? If you can get to this link you can see what I mean (but we know how many of you really like to register to read things).


Thursday, August 18, 2005


Sometimes I marvel at the number of sites that deal with reality. Or just Big Brother alone.

And it amazes me even more how I find some of them. And what really freaks me out is the reason some of them exist.

Take for instance Big Brother Creative Development at http://p102.ezboard.com/bbigbrothercreativedevelopment.

Read the History - now if that doesn't sound like almost every Big Brother site out there then I don't know what does.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

If The Shoe Fits 

Now let me get this straight.

Someone at Elites TV sent someone else a tiny shoe. That someone decided to send it back. But the shoe had another idea in mind.

Check out Mail-Order Retifism at http://www.elitestv.com/cgi-bin/elitediscus/board-auth.cgi?lm=1124206744&file=/13043/25799.html - which is the start of the discussion (gotta sign up as a member though, which kinda sucks). And extra points and a restraining order if you know what retifism is without looking it up.

If I recognize the locale of some of those photos like I think I do, that shoe lives a better life than me.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mind If I FORT? 

Strange things going over at Fans Of Reality TV. Seems mods are coming and going faster than Tommy Lee at college. Our sources say they have gotten ride of almost all of their original mods in the last few months - which is a lot since they had a couple of million moderators. Check out the purple people in the forums - most of them are ex-mods. Give me a count.

Seems it all started with one of the long-term well known mods Eny. Seems she left suddenly and then the modical chairs began. She has a website at ultimatedrivethru.blogspot.com . You can find this in the comments there:

"TPTB deleted a lot of stuff from Fort. Sorry you didn't get through, but it doesn't surprise me." And then, a few posts down, she said "A couple of months ago someone was nasty in a cyber sort of way and it didn't really matter beacause it was a barn door horse sort of thing . Yeah you want me gone - well um in case you hadn't noticed - I already was."

Sounds like it wasn't an amicable parting of the ways.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Nothing Like A Little Self Promotion 

Just a boring Saturday night. Decided to browse through some of the old entries here at Reality Enquirer and found a few old names I thought I would check in own.

Remember this article and the lynching that JayGee was about to get on Jokersupdates for an article she wrote as someone named June?


Well here is my find for the night:


Seems like June, aka JayGee, is not only still writing her "articles", but she is also promoting them on Jokers.

Wonder where else she posts that link to that great article she "found"?

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Oh Poo On You 

Well the excitement is scintillating at TV Clubhouse:


Already the poopooheads are crying for a kinder and gentler site.

And Jozzrocks has had one of his periodic outbursts at Elites TV. Looks like a setup to me.

But more important, read between the lines. Does Elitist still own Elites TV?

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Scoop On TVCH 

After reading the TVCH new owner thread again, and after a few new posts, it seemed to me that what was announced and what actually was happening didn't jive.

So I did a bit of source snooping and here is what I think the real picture is.

Though TVCH announced a group had purchased the site, the real ownership of the site belongs to Karuuna, who has the title Owner. That was the first big clue - you don't call someone owner if a group buys it. From what I have heard this isn't a real big change - the real policy decisions were coming from the big K for quite some time.

The other members of the group are either just coming along for the ride to show solidarity, or they made a much smaller investment. Either way, the real trick here was to show the masses that things weren't really going to change and that there was probably at least one of the group you know and trust - SO DON'T PANIC AND LEAVE!

The other thing that I was told to look at was not who was in the "buying" group and retained moderators, but who wasn't. It's not what you see, but what you don't see that that is the real trick. Just the old corporate trick of clearing out the dead wood when the new administration takes over?

Monday, August 08, 2005

Dis and Dat 

Just a few things:

I made a small mistake in the TVCH entry - not all of the those child sites of TVCH were made by FORMER members - some were made by current members, as the owner of I Love Reality pointed out to me.

Yes the Worst Live Feeder poll is closed. We may do it again next year, but ban snowraven from participating cause he would always win. Hmmm maybe we should give some more thought to Morty's next year.

And just a shout out to the owner of Reality TV Gossip at http://www.realitytvgossip.com and thanks for all the fish.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

TV Clubhouse - Beginning Of An Era 

Well the news is out, the new owners of TV Clubhouse have announced themselves. And they are all moderators of the site. The list is:

Karuuna (Owner/Administrator)
Draheid (Technical Administrator)
Spygirl (General Administrator)

I am not surprised that a group has purchased the site. It will be interesting to see, however, if this site can be run by committee. TVCH has always been a little bit on the "nice" side - I am betting that it is even going to turn "nicer", if that is possible. Why? Well how else are you going to please all their members AND their owners at the same time? Either you become totally politically correct, or you just go for total anarchy.

See the whole announcement at:


The King is dead. Long live the kings and queens.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

TV Clubhouse - End Of An Era 

Surprising news at TV Clubhouse:


After 5 years of being one of the top Big Brother and Reality Television sites on the internet, the owner has turned the site over to a group of users.

Neil, or Enb as many have know him, has been overtaken by real life and felt that he could not keep running the site. Instead of shutting it down, he has decided to turn the site over to a group of long term members who he feels can run the site with the same spirit he has these many years.

It is a sad day at TVCH - Neil started one of the first Big Brother sites in 2000 for the first Big Brother USA. After some initial problems with growth and software, the site stabilized into one of the most consistent places to get reality news on the net. It has been the center of controversy, including being one of the first sites to be harassed by CBS for copyright infringement. Is also has the distinction of 'fathering' a number of successful sites from members who wanted to go on their own - Elites TV, Reality BBQ, I Love Reality, Jokers Updates and others are all run by former members of TVCH.

Our best wishes to you Neil.

The king is dead - long live the king.

Friday, August 05, 2005

This Poll Gotta Go 

Well after taking a look at the newest entries at http://blogcritics.org/archives/2005/07/25/170425.php , I think it is time to shut down the Worst Live Feeder poll and just declare Snowraven "The Worst Poster On The Internet".

Sorry Valentine, but it is hard for an amateur to beat a professional in his chosen sport.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Everyone's A Critic 

Well I guess this one was going to slip by me:


Seems the author of this little review had a beef with Jokers Updates. So this is news?

Looks like the usual suspects descended to defend Jokers in their oh so subtle ways. How many times do we have to see this. Stop the Madness!

Here is my favorite comment: "But you're not the only BB fan who finds Jokers a good deal less friendly than I firmly believe they'd like it to be, and very possibly believe it to be."

The only funny thing about this is that the author is accusing Jokers of being anti-gay. Considering that the owner is a confirmed bisexual and a good number of the moderators are gay, that is definitely a hoot (in honor of the dukes coming to the big screen).

Cesspool of hidden intrigue indeed.