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Friday, May 07, 2004

Fight Night! 

It has been awhile, but someone alerted me to this fantastic event. Jokers Updates and Elites TV goes head to head!

It had been brewing for a while. Jokerette's heavy handed management of Jokers, including demoting, demodding, and outright banning, has been driving people to post on Elites TV. Some of Jokers best members and mods began posting there several months ago, and many were enticed and/or threatened into returning to the fold. The final straw seems to have been a poster named BobbieJo who asked to be removed from Elites TV due to the bad feelings from other Jokers members.

So the following is the fallout. I will try to give a bit about the players as we go along.

The opening salvo was by Snowraven, a long time Elites TV poster:

since phusion has made this his priority as a folder I would like to ask...what is the problem?

I love digi- and wonder what the problem with Evil Tee Vee is for jokers? can we not all get along? Why are jokers members made to feel harassed when they post on this bored? why is it that when a jokers player, plays HERE they get made to feel that they can not go back home?

I would like to think that posting is not an issue,if there is no trash talk back and forth,and I think that you-phusion- have seen no animosity in your appearance here, only a nice welcome, why does 'jokers' threaten its members, when they open a new dialog on this bored?

several of your members are friends of people on this board and vis a versa -many of the 'regulars' on this board are posters on another reality board-TVCH-...where is the harm on cross board pollination? jeezus, we all are looking for talk about TV shows..losers! everyone of us!

The "game" of many years past is long ago and forgotten and forgiven! every board offers a voice of something different,outside of spamming adverts of events that conflict for the board owners, dialog would be beneficial for all-both posters and owners-heck lurkers as well!

so- here is my cut and paste for jokers- I DONT COME OVER THERE BECAUSE i cant navigate the site-I AM AN IGNORENT FUCK UP- so if some of your members come over here to chat away the day- so what? Who does it hurt? gawd is dead...the game is over...and nobody cares!

please let people just surf and play-look how powerful you are! people are afraid to post on this board becuase they get sent messages that they will be banned...how silly is that?

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....digi I love you! why ??????call me write me tell me why? we have the same friends yet they cant play where I play? why? tell me openly and on line! I dont understand!


sent with love and confusion! !

wouldn't be grand if we could make a bored game that spanned the three bordes? BB6!!!!! feats of strength would rock! love ya CAT!

(a brief intermission then)

I guess the follow up is why do people feel the need to pledge allegence to a site that threatens them?

folk like phusion come over to intimadate players from the other board? why? I just dont get it!

there is plenty of bandwidth for everyone..and no one is fighting-so why?

::mutters under breath and wanders off in disgust! with no fear-just loathing::

Then a post, mostly in invisible ink, by Sleuth, who if I understand it right was an original Elites TV member who split off with Digilady when she took over Jokers, and has now returned to post on Elites TV while continuing her association with Jokers. I also believe she was one of the mods at Jokers that was demodded.


Phusion came over to intimidate????? Where?? I like Phusion. Maybe you should get the full story before jumping to conculsions (because I've talked to Phusion and trust me - he didn't come here to do that - he is NOT someone's henchman - although there is one of those at this site and the party was already posting up a storm here when I returned and seems to of late have vanished. And the issue is the owner of jokers and not anyone on staff there or any of the users. When people from there post here - word goes back to her and she makes people feel bad about it or talks behind their back - so do me a favor and lay off bad mouthing Phusie.

Then along comes Elyza, who posts at both places - I still haven't figured out her full relationship with both of the boards

Hey, Snow. Don't put an open letter to Digi here. If you want her to see something, post it on her bored. She doesn't come here--flat out won't even peek.

I had the fortune to actually meet Sleuth and she is a great real person. I finding myself liking real people better than board personas these days and I'm posting less and less. Instead, I'm reconnecting with dear friends, spending more time away from the computer. Doing lunches. Going to the beach. Hanging out with my kids a lot.

Snow, are you single? I know a great entertainment attorney with an architectural wonder of a house in Malibu...

Life is too short. Who cares who posts where?

This place is great because it's small (getting smaller all the time) and the people are literate and interesting. That other place has millions of people coming and going really fast. If you want a quick answer to a question or tons of responses, it's a good place to go.

I'm taking a leave of absence from teaching to work full time for the network for the next year. In fact, got to go, got a staff meeting in an hour....

Now comes in the heavy hitter - Elitist, the owner of Elites TV

What a load of crap.

Yesterday I had a letter from someone asking me to remove their folder and account because of the "bad" feelings from other Joker's posters.

It is very funny that when this person started posting that Phusion registers a new account (yes I had deleted him) and begins posting to them. And really funny that this is not the first time it has happened.

It is also funny that when I stop Phusion's new account that M3gabyt3 registers his new account, and doesn't post. Which also has happened several times, and it strangely happens only when a new Jokers reject posts here.

And it is extremely funny that Elyza pops up after an extended absence to address this charge.

If Joker's people want to post here, go ahead, have a blast. Don't come here just because you know it irritates the hell out of Digilady/Jokerette. And so what if she doesn't read here? She has plenty of people that tell her everything that happens and who posts here(Elyza) and if not, she sends her dogs.

I don't have much love for the ungrateful bitch - she tried to steal Elites TV from me and then had the audacity to claim I was the one doing the stealing - but I don't want my site to be a battleground for Joker's politics.

And to finish my bitch, Elyza I am tired of your snippy little comments about this site such as "This place is great because it's small (getting smaller all the time)". I am very happy with this community, it is still growing, not shrinking. The site is also growing, and gets a lot more traffic than Jokers - go look at the Alexa.com statistics. Quit trying to play both sides and feeding Digi's paranoia with what ETV is doing.

Maybe this should be moved to the Bitch, Bitch, Bitch thread.

What a roundhouse punch!

And then we hear from the injured party - BobbieJo

Okay, I'll add my message while I can still get in here, just so there are no misunderstandings or hard feelings.

I'm the one who asked to have my folder removed. I came here for one reason and one reason only......because I already knew some of the people who post here, and I thought it would be fun to play on a new playground every once in a while. It had absolutely NOTHING to do with board politics or trying to hurt anyone or piss anyone off. I don't play like that. I don't deliberately set out to hurt people, and when I see that my actions have done just that, I do what I can to rectify it. I was loyal to Cat and to Joker's the whole time I was a moderator/Admin because, quite frankly, I think she deserves that from the people who work for her. Once I quit, I checked out other sites just out of curiosity because I truly had no idea of what was out there. It didn't mean I was leaving anywhere....just that I was spreading my wings and meeting new people. Of course I knew there was some degree of anymosity between this place and that, but I had no idea of the intensity of it when I came here. Maybe I wasn't listening or maybe it was only discussed when I wasn't there, but the issue was only skirted around in my presence. I have never heard her say she 'hates' anyone here. Never!

Apparently someone from this site took some of my words OUT OF CONTEXT and the whole meaning was misunderstood by Cat and some of the moderators who I still care very much about. Some were pissed and some were hurt, so I just decided it wasn't worth it, and asked to have my folder removed.

You all are a great group of people and you made me feel as welcome as I've ever felt anywhere. You have a real nice site, and I can see you've made it your home as much as I've made Joker's mine. I only hope that some day the past can be put there and left there, and you can find peace with one another and within yourselves.

As I've found out the hard way, life's too damn short.


And just for kicks - Phusion, a moderator at Jokers who was mentioned in Elitist's tirade

Uh okay. Since I get a chance now to post about this chaos. What the hell? Coming here to make people feel bad because they post here? Haha. Those were absolutely NOT my intentions.

Of course, I saw that Sleuth posted here (good friend) and some people that I've seen before when I posted here. I thought that I'd be cool to post back and see the "few" people that I got along with. I got an email from few people telling me that people are pissed at me and want me off this board, I try to check in and my username doesn't exist, Uh okay.

I came here mainly just to chat, that's it. I'm sorry that some of you felt that I was only coming here to "stalk" the old Jokers folks.

Oh well..
It was fun while it lasted.

And finally a last word from Sleuth

oh and to add to this continuing saga. I was openly attacked in chat overthere. I put said party on ignore and had the pleasure of watching one side of the convo. Interesting how it was allowed to continue with the endorsement of adminsitration there.

And for the record should anyone reading here still be reporting activites back to the boss there - please note and reread my original reply to snow - a name was NEVER mentioned. And yet it is interesting that someone jumped to the immediate conclusion that I was speaking of them.

All in all I say it was a productive day in terms of making my life a living hell and making my being able to communicate with my friends on other boards absolute torture.

There is lots more there in between these posts - but I thought these should be saved for posterity.