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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In Touch With Reality 

The scoop is that a few posters over at Reality BBQ had decided to create their own place once BuddyTV took over the BBQ. Our info says JamesRocks, SpectroPro, NightShade, and TheKDD had made plans for the BIG move. But when their friend YellowDog was banned from the Q, they all decided to make the move a little early. I guess it didn't hurt that JamesRocks got kicked off the BBQ staff.

So we now have The Reality Rocks, another reality tv board (as if we didn't have enough). As normal, the new owners bashed their old home, and tried to steal away members, and of course have the best new site around.

But the infighting at the new board started immediately - we are told SpectroPro was kicked off as an admin to become a lowly Moderator, and had a change of name to Rock Lobster. Seems JamesRocks (Ahrean to all you reality rocks members) started the board to "make money" and SpectroPro's inclination to "tell it like it is" wasn't seen as conducive to gaining or keeping advertisors.

Well all I can say is good luck at the money thing. I have heard over and over from reality tv site owners, and they are lucky to pay for their hosting. The only reason they have the sites is because they love reality tv and the fans. If you make a buck Reality Rocks - give me a call - I have some advertising space on this blog I need to sell.