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Friday, July 21, 2006

Worst Live Feeder Poll Now Open! 

Well the poll is now open for Worst Live Feeder on the Internet. I have left last years competitors on the poll, even though they may not be posting this year. And we have a new contender, nominated by Elites TV, HippyT.

May the best, or worst, person win.

Vote Early, Vote Often

Friday, July 14, 2006

Worst Live Feeder Nominations 

We are about to start our Worst Live Feeder on the Internet competition so we are opening up nominations!

We will, of course put in Snowraven of Elites TV, even though he is claiming retirement. But we have also received another nomination from that site - Hippyt - who seems to be taking the mantle from my idoit friend.

So if you have someone who really sucks at live feeding and you want to honor them, send me an email so I can get them on the poll! The poll will open within a week!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

How to do your own PR 101 

When you go to Jokers BB discussion, you see that the top banner has a direct link to the book that Yoda wrote 'The Scroll'. Wow, what a way to advertize. I give her full props for that one! The thing I find interesting is that when you click the link 1 of the 2 reviews is from one of her friends and a poster at jokers Lydia. Here is what Lydia has to say:

Adventure story of great proportions-a must read, July 10, 2006
Lydia Oldham - See all my reviewsThis is the most exciting adventure I have read in years! I absolutely couldn't put it down. Ms. LeDevic kept me sitting on the edge until the end. This book has it all, and will appeal to everyone from the young to the young at heart. I loved it!

And if that doesn't work -

Support Jokers and read the summer's hottest novel written by our own Jokerette!07/11/06 05:12 PM
Click the banner above and go to Amazon for The Scroll, the summer's hottest thriller read by, of course, me This novel is the first in a trilogy of thrillers, I hope you like it.Go to www.catledevic.com for a novel excerpt.And thanks


All I have to say is WOW! It makes me want to run off and buy one! I feel sure the other person is a jokers poster too.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Best Big Brother Site - Polls Now Open 

The housemates have been in for a while, a few shows have aired, and now it is the time for you to vote for your favorite Big Brother site.

We are expecting a big Mortys turnout again this year, but would hope that some of you other sites can muster up enough loyal members to kick Morty out of first place!

We also expect Reality BBQ to link directly to the poll, bypassing our blog, thus getting kicked off the poll again. Come on guys - at least make your voters come through the blog so they can see all the other wonderful things we say about other reality sites!

We will also be opening our Worst Live Feeder poll soon, with the perennial favorite Snowraven at Elites TV already campaigning hard for this coveted title.

So stay tune, vote early, vote often!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Price Of Success 

Ok what is the deal with the glacial speed of TV Clubhouse?

This is one of the top Big Brother sites and it takes forever for things to load.

Maybe it is time for a new server?

Or is this the demise of one of the first BB sites on the net?

Wake up and smell the roses TVCH!