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Saturday, February 25, 2006

What's The Truth About Jokers and RTVGossip? 

I am getting a lot of emails questioning the validity of our info on Dre/DressageRider being the one posting on the ABC boards in an effort to take down RTVGossip. Some say it is starting to smell like Denmark, others want absolute proof. There are also rumours of a third party conspiracy - those that would benefit from making Jokers Updates look bad and from a Jokers/RTVGossip board war.

Here is what I understand happened: the members over at RTVGossip started seeing a lot of new members signing up and had no idea what was happening. At first they were really happy, then concerned because they started suspecting a denial of service attack. Tracking back to the referrers, it was found they were coming from the ABC boards from post(s) made by one DreDre. This was somewhat suspicious since just recently RTVGossip's owner had shut down a thread and made the statement it was done to not exceed bandwidth.

It is also my understanding that Dre, who is a member at RTVGossip, was also seen reading at the site, and the sitings seemed to correspond with posts being made at RTVG.

After the DOS attack was confirmed, a new poster showed up at the ABC boards with a nickname of RTVG_Deb - Deb being the owner of RTVGossip. Again when these posts appeared, Dre was then seen lurking on the RTVGossip site.

It is also interesting to note that though RTVGossip has "called out" Dre on this topic, there has been no response. Some say it doesn't matter if you respond or not, you will be found guilty. However it seems in this case a simple "I didn't do it" would suffice - unless of course the hard evidence that RTVGossip is still working on shows it was indeed Dre. I would also think that Dre and JokersUpdates would do anything they could to find out the real culprit(s) if Dre did not do it, and expose them. We have heard nothing of that sort going down.

I questioned Deb at RTVGossip about the hard proof and go this reply:


A request has been made of the WDIG (Walt Disney Internet Group) that owns Go.com as well as ABC.com to verify the IP address of Dre. We are currently waiting to hear back from WDIG to confim the IP address. We also have had a report from an inside source that wishes to remain silent that it was in fact Dre.

RTVG (the gossip one) Staff

I have been told everyone will know if the IP addresses match and we will have our hard proof.

As a side note, the DOS attack did succeed for about 15 minutes the other night before classic-hosting.com could increase the bandwidth.

A Glittery Game Response 

Dearest RE:

In light of your recent article about RTVG the second (the gaming site) I felt the need to create a simple crib sheet for you, and I thank RTVG the first (gossip) for the vocabulary that I will now use.

Callie/Erika: Fucktards.

Moderators: Have yet to set up a Fucktard Hovel for them.

The facts are simple:

RTVG the second was upset over the article posted on here about the mean-spirited nature, which RE titled with an Animal Farm reference.

The moderators came on and said something nice, along the lines of we can learn from this and it was settled.

Dflem and I decided to have our wedding online and used RE to publicize.

Erika and Callie (the satanic sorority sisters, S3, and two main shit-stirrers) then resurrected the past article, and decided to start a smear campaign based on visions in their minds. They do not speak for RTVG, nor do I. I speak for my good glittery name.

If you want to see good examples of their character, here is a good reading list:

Callie: SUCC She starts out by stating if kungfu wins every challenge again she's leaving, then goes on to insult AIW on apparent betrayal as she was voted on, though not out. There is also a great section where her bitchness is debated. Is she a raging bitch, a hormonal bitch, an overall grand damn of bitch? That's up for the readers to decide. I really looked for a non-mean Callie, but even those where she attempts nice are just veiled evil.

Erika: Having the dubious honor of most censored person at RTVG the second. Ultimate Reality Competition is a good one for her. She had a great post comparing Aly to various dictators, and then saying she was worse than John of FORT. Of course, in all fairness when she does have all control she is fantastic, like in her lawyer game. Loves it.

Me (Glitternerf): Apprentice shows my, shall we say, spicy side a bit, or my budding disillusionment with the site. Evil BB is good, I had a lot of fun there. ANTPM has great pictures of cute animals.

Many members have left besides me. Check the leaving thread, check the current roster, check the thread about RE. I'm not the only one.

So read and decide for yourself.

Oh, and time for my editorialization. Yes, I'm pissed at Callie and her remarks. On the internet, it's your right to say anything. Also on the internet, people create their own truths. When Callie says she speaks the truth, she speaks the one that the voices in her head (note, not one of them is a conscience, she ate ol' Jiminy many moons ago) tell her is true. In the real world, her ass would be in court for slander. Listen people (especially Aly), every time the S3 submit a post, a bunny dies. And not an ugly sick bunny, but a really really cute bunny, a bunny that looks like this:


That bunny's family has already been destroyed by their viscous venomous slander. Do you really want to know you helped cause more bunnies to die? Don't support them! Aly, I know you care for animals, so please listen up!

Oh, and I don't hide, but don't like to fight either, which is why I tend to ignore both of their shit. However, anyone out there wishing to know what else is going on and not just the ramblings of some sorority fucktards can e-mail me at StoptheS3@hotmail.com

The internet is for fun and information of dubious truth, and of course porn. Lots and lots of porn on the internet. And I'm not returning to RTVG the second until they prove John from FORT wrong for closing them down and banning them all. I'm not saying everyone there is bad, in fact, many are quite nice, and this also doesn't mean Dflem and I have called off our engagement though ;)



Thursday, February 23, 2006

Scene Of The Crime 

Looks like Dre, or one of her other cohorts at Jokers Updates doesn't know when to quit. Now someone impersonating the owner of Reality TV Gossip, Deb, is posting on the ABC boards about how Dre was "slammed unfairly" and people (at RTVG) picking usernames to make other people look bad.

I am not sure of the purpose here - still trying to do a denial of service, or just damage control? All I do know is it is pretty pathetic and is just another nail in the coffin of Jokers Updates.

Here are the posts with links - purloined from RTVG (the gossip one) at http://realitytvgossip.com/forum/index.php?topic=8960.0.


Why are some Reality TV forums so rude?
Posted: Feb 22 @ 10:21 PM
by: RTVG_Deb (4 Posts in the last 90 days) Registered: Feb 22, 2006
I swear, I see such bad crap posted, makes me wonder why people even bother.

I still am wondering why some people make up such mean names and posts. I even see it at RTVG. We have people making up user names to trash other peoples reps. All over a tv show (or shows)!

Re: I think that this is outrageous!
Posted: Feb 22 @ 10:11 PM
by: RTVG_Deb (4 Posts in the last 90 days) Registered: Feb 22, 2006

what are you talking about? what's outrageous? what is wrong and sad when it happens? i don't get your post?

I think that people that register hateful names are bad. In the long run, Travis is the one who's life is effected, not ours. And face it, anyone can register any sort of name here that they choose to try to make someone look bad.

I think that this is outrageous!
Posted: Feb 22 @ 10:06 PM
by: RTVG_Deb (4 Posts in the last 90 days) Registered: Feb 22, 2006
Sarah is a doll and Moana is very assertive. But who Travis picks is up to him, not us.

Just like our usernames. Sometimes people pick a name to make people look bad. That is wrong and sad when that happens. Nobody deserves that.

Are things always what they seem to be?
Posted: Feb 22 @ 09:08 PM
by: RTVG_Deb (4 Posts in the last 90 days) Registered: Feb 22, 2006
I'm looking at the pics of the hands and I think Moana gets the ring.

I also think that Dre was slammed unfairly. Anyone can register with a name, can't they?

A Long One From Them Gamers 

From the mailbox - and this RTVG is Reality TV Games Net:

It has become quite apparent that Reality Enquirer is frequently visited by a select group of members from realitytvgames.net (RTVG). Why is this so apparent you ask? Well in the last month, an anonymous person or persons have been submitting information to RE about RTVG. The one thing that Mr. and Ms. Anonymous failed to recognize is that other members of RTVG know that they have not left the site as they stated in their article, in fact they continue to post and be active on the site.

Well, since the person or persons that continue to feed RE with this salacious gossip do not feel that they need to come forward, I shall leave them anonymous. However, I will not leave the subject just lie. Members of RTVG have come to learn that I am a person that will speak my mind and since no one has spoken up, I feel it is my duty to set the record straight. It is very easy for one to submit anonymous falsehoods, but when I sign my name, you can be assured you are getting the straight truth.

First, I'd like to comment on the article that was published on RE that referenced RTVG's Apprentice game. As a member of the game, I completely 100% disagree with everything that the article stated. The article would have you believe that the administrators and moderators at RTVG want to see the Apprentice contestant's private conversations because the site operates on some sort of warped sense of censorship. Honestly, the game got a little tense, but in no way had to do with the contents of private conversations. The Apprentice game did not instill a "Nazi Culture" on the site, as the article suggests. Such a comparison is totally uncalled for and it actually disgusted me as I read it. There was no paranoia created from the game, except for the paranoia that was in your anonymous sources minds. The only reason why "members were encouraged to publicize each others PMs and turn in other members" was so that the moderators of RTVG (the judges in the Apprentice game) could see the interactions between team members. How they work, how they approach one another, how they interact together. They also wanted to put a stop to any scheming or plotting going on because the winner of the game will become the newest addition to the moderator staff.

I have been a member of RTVG since the site opened and I have very good relationships with all the current moderators there and I know that they would never want the site to become a place of paranoia and they did not enforce the rule of "publicizing PM's" so that members could "turn in other members". I think the moderators actually go out of their way to make sure that no one feels censored in any fashion.

Additionally, I feel that the article about the Apprentice game also resulted in a really terrible injustice because the responsible persons did not come forward. It is my belief, as well as many others that the articles source has not left RTVG and they have been so callous as to spread malicious and spiteful rumors, blaming others for their own cowardly actions. Another unfortunate event that has occurred is that the only RTVG member that we have lost track of, BreakingFree, has also been implicated for being the source responsible for the article. BreakingFree, is a friend of mine and she left the boards before the game Apprentice had barely even started! So not only has the anonymous source lied to you about the facts, they have tried to protect their anonymity by lying about others!

With all that being said, I am very firm in my opinion that whoever the person or persons that are responsible for that article are, they are mostly certainly cowards and spineless, for not standing up their own opinions.! If the sources had a problem with the game or RTVG, they should have at least got in contact with one of the moderators. If they didn't feel comfortable doing that they should have at least had the guts to sign their name to such a nasty article.

As for the Glitternerf/dfleming wedding, I believe it has good intentions because it involves some charitable organizations. Honestly though, there is not enough focus on the charities and TOO MUCH on Nerf and dfleming and some cyberspace romance, which I believe is nothing more than a cry for attention. I would also like to add that RTVG is not losing members, we have lost just one and I doubt that will last much longer. From my point of view; we're not missing out on anything, in Glitternerf's absence, but it is quite suspect to me that out of the 3 negative articles about RTVG, Glitternerf has been involved in 2 of them. I leave you to ponder whether she is one of the other anonymous sources behind the article that alludes to RTVG becoming like George Orwell's Animal Farm.

I am one of a larger number of people that know what the truth really is and I am bold enough to say it for all of you to read. Glitternerf's has continually cried out in desperate need for attention, but I really believe it is her mental health that needs the attention. She is a proven to be a liar and neurotically manipulative and RTVG wants members who actually have a backbone to sign their name to certain writings. I believe that if Glitternerf does in fact leave for good, RTVG will be a much nice place with out her, as is evident in the atmosphere during her recent absence.

It is unfortunate that I even had to come to this point of having to write this letter to Reality Enquirer, but personally I'm disgusted with all the letters to RE from "anonymous" people about RTVG. Please feel free to disagree with me, that is okay, but I am satisfied in the fact that when I have something to say, it is stated loud and clear and of course I sign my name to it. I will always encourage anyone with a thought or opinion to say it and stand up and be counted and RTVG will never take away your right to speak freely. For those readers who are not members of RTVG, I certainly encourage you to come and join us, we are a nice group of people and we actually have a lot of fun!!!


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Jokers Tries A Denial Of Service Attack On Reality TV Gossip 

After the owner of Reality TV Gossip locked down a controversial thread on her board to members only, citing the bandwidth usage bringing the site close to its quota, a top mod at Jokers Updates, DressageRider, went to the ABC Bachelor forum and posted multiple times with links back to RTVG in an apparent attempt to shut down the site.

The posts are still there at the ABC site, but the links have been removed:


The thread at RTVG (http://realitytvgossip.com/forum/index.php?topic=8875.45) pretty much nails it down that DressageRider posted the links, then came to watch to see if the site was shut down.

The question that so many have been asking RTVG now comes back to Jokers - is the website owner responsible for what their members do? Well in this case it isn't really a member is it, it is a member of the staff who represents the site, both on and off the boards.

I would say "Shame On You Jokers", but considering the things that have come out of that site in the recent past I don't think anyone is listening.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Up The Stairs To Take A Bath 

Reality TV Games where are you going?

I am hearing rumours that realitytvgames.net is losing members rapidly.

It looks like Glitternerfball has left the site for a while, even though they are one of the participants in the wedding we just announced. The following thread seems to indicate this is just a short break, but kind of strange when all the planning needs to be done:


Another link, accesible by members only goes like this:

The post by Glitternerfball says:

Looks like the site will be Glitterless for a while.

I've been gone a couple days, and plan on being gone many more.

Peace out.

The question now comes - what is happening over at Reality TV Games, and how fast are they losing members. Will the site survive?


Drop me a line.

Oh, my goodness, Oh, my soul

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hearse Chasing 

And when we thought we had found the lowest form of internet life, we now have Jokerette trolling for members in her "friend's" obituary guestbook.


Note to Jokerette: Most guestbooks these days delete any posts with links in them to battle REFERRER SPAM.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Dfleming and Glitternerfball to Wed Online 

While watching all the real reality unfold in the aftermath of Katrina, The Tsumani, rioting in Denmark, and other worldwide disasters that bombard us on the news each day, two avid reality TV fans (and readers of RE) decided to get together and ask “how can we help?”

The answer: Get married.

Dfleming and Glitternerfball, regulars on some of the realitytvboards (Most notably RTVG), have decided to stage a wedding of their screennames in an effort to help two organizations that respond to every disaster – The Salvation Army and Save the Children International.

“Whenever a disaster hits, you always see Save the Children and The Salvation Army right on the front lines and you never hear of them staging these extravagant parties to raise money” explained Glitternerfball, “I really respect that and just wanted to help them in some way.”

“And when Glitternerfball approached me with this idea, there was no way I could turn it down! There is just so much hatred in this world, what better way to help than by showing a union of love and charitable ideals? We really hope this is a success and we can bring both awareness and much needed funds to both organizations.” Said Dfleming.

“We believe this is a fun way for the reality TV online community to come together, aid a charity, and be given a chance to believe that love is real. Everyone is invited to participate, and of course – everyone is encouraged to make a donation at our wedding registry.” They further explained.

The bride and groom are registered at Save The Children and The Salvation Army and their website is http://www.idofoundation.org/cgi-bin/guesttemplate.cgi?WeddingID=12368 All donations are fully tax deductible.

The online wedding will be preceded by a two month search for a wedding planner. Everyone is invited to watch their wedding plans unfold, and to join as their share their vows online in the chat rooms of www.realitytvgames.net once their search is completed. This will definitely be a wedding to remember. Together, we can help Save the children and The Salvation Army continue to make this world a better place for everyone.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


As expected, not everyone agreed with the latest article - from the mailbag:

I can go along with RE’s condemnation of the misuse and abuse of BJ’s situation to score additional emotional points in sundry other issues. It is crass and demeaning, and I hadn’t quite consciously thought of it in that way when I’ve read some of it at JU. Or maybe I’m just too used to the emotional blackmail that comes up there sometimes, and the strange juxtaposition of events/issues that get mixed up in some messages. It was a very worthwhile point.

I do take some exception to the further editorializing that RE goes into about the lack of reality in online friendships, the undue emotional investment in those ‘unreal’ people, and the excess time and energy some focus on the net. That has been a popular theme with many, and to be sure, there are ample examples of damaging relationships on the net, but I think RE is ignoring the very real value that the net has for so many. The connectedness with the larger world, particularly for people who are restricted in some way; the lack of many superficial judgements in online relationships; the honest outpouring and sharing that is possible through this anonymous medium. We learn things we probably wouldn’t otherwise have been exposed to, we feel things for others in the things they say that touch us. This is a good thing.

"Real" family and friends should and do hold a larger place in our lives than office or Internet ones, but even if it is an illusion that we get closer to each other online than we really do, it is a valuable illusion, and not one to condemn. It is extra contact and an extra sounding board, and it is not one that is easily obtained in the hustle of daily ‘real’ life. The Internet can add some spice and support and mental expansion to life, and that is exactly how Bobbie saw it. It may not have been the bigger part of her life, and she may not have been hanging on every piece of info she got from there, but it was a part of her life, and she appreciated all of the info she got back. I’m certain that that feedback now has been a comfort to her, even if it hasn’t been as great a comfort as a family member holding her hand at her bedside. Must it be one or the other? Is there not enough room in a human mind and heart to encompass the abstracts of the Internet?

Perhaps RE needs to re-examine its definition of "real", and its valuation of human contact, no matter how indirect.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Et Tu Morte 

I struggled with writing this because the catalyst of the topic is serious illness and death, and that is not something to be taken too lightly. I am of course speaking of the downturn in health of BeeJay aka Bobbie Jo of Jokers Updates. Here is the thread announcing her illness: http://www.jokersupdates.com/ubbthreads/showthreaded.php?Cat=&Board=Salon&Number=2922929&page=0&view=expanded&sb=5&o=7&fpart=

First let me say my thoughts go out to BeeJay and her family and I hope that their decisions result in a good path.

That being said, her illness has created even more turmoil at Jokers Updates, who has been going through some trying times with many of their long term posters leaving the fold.

If you read the original thread there are comments in it, some by Jokerette, about how the missing posters should "come home" in this time of sorrow. And then Independent starts a separate thread stressing this same point here: http://www.jokersupdates.com/ubbthreads/showthreaded.php?Cat=&Board=Discussion&Number=2923689&page=&view=&sb=5&o=

To be quite honest, this is one of the most reprehensible things I have seen on a "civilized" message board. Using the illness and possible death of one of your members to try to resolve totally unrelated issues is sinking to the level of ambulance chasers. I had thought that one of the lowest forms of internet life were those that faked their own deaths on-line - it seems that I was mistaken.

The whole scene at Jokers, with the wailing and gnashing of teeth, saddens me. It is a true statement on where our society is going, where it seems people are becoming more involved in electronic "friends" instead of those in real life.

The whole situation reminds me of a co-worker who died suddenly last year. Several of us from work went to the funeral. It is funny how you think that since you spend so much time with them, you think your coworkers are a big part of your life and you theirs. But we went to that funeral and there were hundreds of people packing the church - friends, family, members of his community - all who were probably a bigger part of his life than I was. And I think of BeeJay - is Jokers the bigger part of her life, and is she hanging on every piece of info she gets from there? Or is there family and friends with her now who are helping her, in the flesh, through her tribulations? If the first it is extremely sad that we as a society have come to this. For either case I feel sad for the people at Jokers, and for all of us as a whole, for investing so much time and energy into relationships that aren't that real.

Peace be with you BeeJay.