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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Moving Around - The ETV Forum Saga 

From the mailbox:

So a bit more about the end of the old ETV..

A while back, Elitist took on a partner in the ElitesTV news site named Chris---to help with posting articles, etc. It was his main focus---the news and entertainment page---that is what produced revenue for him.

The forums were left over from the early days when Digilady was his partner and very involved in the Reality TV scene---once she broke away (after trying to steal the board from him) and bought JokersUpdates, the forums were really just an add-on---Elitist did not put much time into them.

So Elitist has been very scarce on the message board the past year---almost invisible and the board has been pretty quiet..

Suddenly about 2 weeks ago, members were unable to access the board. No notice, no information. One of the moderators, Misha, tried repeatedly to contact Elitist---with no answer---and finally got an answer from the partner-Chris.
Elitist had stepped away from things months ago, but never told the members or moderators, Chris claims not to be aware there even WAS a message board.

Misha contacted most members by email and set up a quick temporary site to gather for free at Delphi. Members trickled in, there was a lot of confusion....at some point--Chris from ElitesTV arrived, claiming he did not know there were members---reluctantly offered to host the board for a while for a fee of $30 a month (pre-paid). The members did finally hear from Elitist offering to help them set up the board's Discus software somewhere else if needed.

Consensus was they wanted somewhere free, and Chris of Elites has agreed to give Misha a copy of the old board on CD, and to post a link on the Elites site directing people to the new board.

Delphi was a real jolt---the board structure and limitations were not a good fit for the Elites members, so as of last night, Misha set up a NEW new board at Yuku that is more like what the members are used to.

Misha posted last night on the temporary Delphi board about the new home, and notified members by email as well.


Members are in the process of trickling in, setting things up, and trying to get the new board populated.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust? 

I haven't gotten all the scoop yet, but one of my avid readers pointed out that Elites TV has lost its forums, and that a group of the old posters are now setting up their own site at ETV2

So if anyone knows what is happening please drop me a line. Enquiring minds want to know!