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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just A Little Talk With... Who? 

Just a little more on the one poster site Jokers Updates:

Everyone knows Don't Stop is BBVoyeur. And like Queen and Page, he is trying to pass himself off as female once again. Trainy flirts with him no less they weren't even smart enough to sort that out plus why would she be flirting with someone relatively new. He/she says they have an inverted nipple (what the fuck?) and of course he drags out his other persona Brenda by the Bay whenever he needs additional support. She is supposed to be his niece? And she just got a 3 day ban ? How many real Republicans are actually in CA? You have Pitts and Numbers (good thing they don't give intelligence tests to voters), JAF and all the BBV characters. Or is Pitts and Numbers and JAF BBV characters too?

We also heard that Freddycat is banned from CA for telling Don't Stop (one of BBV's personas) to "catch a clue." Ironic that she helped get BBV banned and got banned for this innocuous expression.

Well stay tuned - I may become BBVoyeur any minute!

Jokers Updates - A Cast of One? 

I have received a few emails about what seems to be the proliferation of BBVoyeur's accounts at Jokers Updates lately. Seems the old man can't hold a conversation with anyone else, so he has created multiple accounts and talks to himself. I guess one way to prove a point is to back yourself up. Here's the scoop:

An in depth, pithy follow-up to sleepless ~ he/she forgot to add 'DontStop' to the list of BBVoyeur's aliases. DontStop tries unsuccessfully to portray himself as a moderate republican lol a racist with a heart of gold, so to speak & as sleepless mentioned it's quite hilarious when trowl, user & DontStop are engaged in conversation, schizophrenia at its finest!

And yes, CA at Jokers ain't what it used to be, but one could say that regarding all the political sites on the net. One Trick Pony dems & reps repeating the same nonsense/minutia over & over again. Nothing new under the sun, but I would agree CA's heydey period at JU just before the last general election was quite memorable. The hatred between the liberals & conservatives was palpable & entertaining on a daily basis. But alas, the knowledgeable republicans have all left & all that is left is mainly boring yahoos on both sides of the aisle.

So let's recap, BBVoyeur/BBTomcat/trowl/dontstop/user623 is a classic schizophrenic who craves attention & CA at Jokers has lost the magic!

We report, you decide!