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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Riposte From A FORT ex-Mod 

I was one of the original mods and members on fansofrealitytv.com I left a long time ago. Print as much of this or as little as you’d like . I was sent the link to your site by one of the many ex-fort regular members out in the Fort splinterverse. In the mans own words - Let's set the record straight.

1) I do NOT, have never, and will never, read private messages on this site.

Well when I was a mod and I had defended Johns ass too many times to count about reading pms. I received this link http://www.theadminzone.com/forums/showthread.php?t=178 from a (former) member who was sure that he had indeed read the contents of their pms .( John is a supporting member and frequent contributor to the forum where the link leads ) Sometime later I was on the receiving end of a John tirade that contained personal information I was sure I had only shared with someone I trusted and who would not have spoken about it . The only way he could have gotten it was by reading my pms. Judge for yourself whether he protests too much. As for the “no time” issue, I can assure you every link and post to every splinter group is examined in detail by both John and some of the mods. One of your members is probably the fort mods&admin so they can all report the latest slam against the Fort if you have private member only forums. Unfortunately this list is now seems to be very long. I can say that within a few minutes of posting any part of this anywhere on the various sites including this one, John & crew will be reading it . Again - So much for no time.

2) The people who were removed from the site were in clear violation of our long-standing and publicly posted rules.

The rules change on a whim . I used to have a copy of the original rules , but suffice it say Fort now has more rules written and unwritten than the CIA. It was hard for even the mod staff to keep of track of them.

3) This is a privately owned and operated site. If you choose to DONATE money to help support the site financially, that's wonderful...

I have to put in a plug for the site I was bounced from Fort for belonging to. I pointed out once they were massively bigger than Fort, with thousands of happy people constantly online, and they never once begged me for a dime . They love all of their members and were always kind and helpful. Once they found out the Fort story, they laughed and laughed and laughed….The mods there thought I was crazy for asking about “support” fort style . www.fanforum.com Go there and you can talk about any show in any language. The members vote on what THEY want to talk about. Imagine that .On Fort even if you’ve paid to be there , are a writer who has written your guts out, you have been their since day one, if you piss off John , fluff or Miss F , you get turfed. I think the rules should simply state that. The entire rule book could pretty much be condensed to that statement.

4) Upon request from some gamers, we were nice and set up a separate reality games forum, and tried to organize things a bit for the sake of our members. In return, we got plenty of nasty e-mails and pm's from game-runners and other members. One member in particular has been sending us a rash of e-mails laden with threats (don't worry, we know who it is, and I've contacted my lawyer and the Ohio Attorney General's office

As with the other splinter groups, someone was nice enough to send me the link here . Thanks ! Morons accurately describes how John feels about anyone not currently a mod. Aren’t you glad everyone who views this site and any one of the other splinter sites is a moron ? As for contacting any legal people I call bulls****. Except for maybe the one mod onstaff who is a lawyer.

John...Take a good long look at forum posts and see which one has one of the most, be prepared to lose that unless the rules are relaxed

News flash kiddies . He doesn't CARE. A cruise through the membership pages will show just how many people have left by looking at the last date they signed on. When I asked him about automatically deleting people who didn't sign on (as we had when Fort first started ), he replied it was just fun to see the number grow. Out of the 30k plus listed as members, probably no more than 500 are regular members who still attend the site. He just doesn’t want to acknowledge that, and how much the fort has fallen from its heyday. See daily the online stats compared with what they were. The reality bears me out.

Ban all you want - you can't stop it. we have a wonderful thing in America called freedom of choice and we are using it.

Sorry, but John has repeatedly shown contempt for various groups along the way. He could care less who or how many he bans, including the folks who started the forum with him. Don't think you are special. He also has a special message in the rules about people who claim freedom of speech.

We will stop at nothing to destroy John and his site by any means

Get in line. Take a number. He has now pissed off so many ex members, he had quite the problem in the spring with one or more very disgruntled ex member(s) who did keep taking the site down. It was hacked more than it was up. Once I was gone from the site, so many ex-forters e-mailed me with all of their juicy stories. It was like that situation where you are involved with someone , then when you break up, everyone trips over each other to tell you all the bad things you didn't want to hear.

Want to know why I was unfairly banned by you John, I did not post one derogatory thing on your board, is it because I joined another board where the Fun and Games forum has continued.

John and the mods keep track of IPs and groups of IPs . You can't raise sh*t on one ID and then pretend you didn't on another. Put simply, John hates the games and gamers. Always has. Always will. He also hates anyone who says they belong to another site . He hates anyone who even mentions another site. According to the Fort universe you must give up all links to the outside internet world. There are no other sites.
Kool-aid anyone?

We'll do just fine without you.

Well as everyone knows, lots and lots of people have left. Again with the membership pages. I see them at times on various sites and wave. Actually when we left realitytvtalk, we did pm people to come join us. I remember going back and pming a bunch myself, as did others. Funny thing was, John himself removed most his own staff and a bunch of members and writers in his own little "fit of crazy" and as result of the fallout after. If someones suddenly mysteriously missing , and you ask about it that's grounds for an automatic ban . Aren't unwritten rules fun? Just check this link http://www.fansofrealitytv.com/forums/showgroups.php and see all the black eyed bunch , thus called because its that lovely shade of bruise purple chosen especially for us by John himself. Too bad all of the ex-writers didn’t get their own special shade too. I’m told they feel slighted for not being singled out like the ex mods. As for huge and unruly list of all of the banned ones , shhhh , no one is allowed to talk about them on Fort, but they are a vocal bunch offsite. I wave hi to them too. There were days on Fan Forum I had several daily pms from one person or another who had a story to tell. All nothing to do with my FF things . Just hey you, I want to bitch about the Fort.

Seems like the FORT seems to be going downhill as they have also lost all of their original mods except for fluff,

Thanks for noticing. That speaks volumes. The public statement on Fort was that all the mods had taken the opportunity to "retire" . They weren't lost or retired .They were demodded with no explanation or a lame reason that made no sense. Some others quit in support over bad management and worse feelings. Thanks for the support from all of us to the ones who contacted us after each of us left. We as a group mostly remain in communication with each other as well as the various splinter groups. We should really link to each other like the survivor sucks splinterverse. http://users.tpg.com.au/berged/NPN/general/memberfaq.htm scroll down to What is a splinter board. NPN says it so well. I think we should be a big circle by now.

Of the remaining mods there, there, are only three who are decent folk. The others are just as nasty a piece of work as the man himself. Too bad . It was once a great site. Poor management has made it a shadow of it’s former self. A dynamic group can keep things together for years. Check out how long Fan Forum, or TWoP or even good old survivorsucks have been online.

Regards to all : )