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Sunday, May 01, 2005

To Honey With Love 

Well I saw this and wasn't going to say anything about it, but since it seems to have disappeared I think I will save it for posterity.

It orginally appeared in a thread that was moved - I found the thread but the post still wasn't there - http://www.elitestv.com/cgi-bin/elitediscus/board-auth.cgi?lm=1114912199&file=/13043/17855.html

And here is the post - a love letter from Snowraven to Honey:

ok so this is my take on this and other things in general...

I was happy when digi/jokerette took the whole gang of paranoid back chatting and back emailing crew with her to the other place...that whole guru thing was so old and tiring..I prefer everything be said and done on board-I do not like the email/chat aspect of the tvch crowd..all the Bcc crap and paranoid overly invested in each others lives stuff...way too..creepy..this whole thing including the threats and other bullshit is not the nature of this board, its the nature of tvch and jokers...thats why our membership is low and we treat the tvch/jokers crowd with some ...well the jokers crowd that hangs here were once tvchers then became etvers before following digi..and sleuth and ani are really all that remains from that...and they both tend to only work the pissy day threads...be that as it may...honey stop with all this crap..all the back end paranoid emails are what got you on RE's radar in the first place...and its fucking boring...your email went out to a whole lot of people and then got forwarded to a whole lot more.."a hole in my crew" ..LOL...gaping...and not by just one, and I saw some email that was forwarded and it wasn't from someone on your header list) I didn't feed the story to RE outside of starting this thread and really couldn't care less about any of it if it wasn't so goddmaned funny)...your business wouldn't be so goddamn out there if you didn't put it so goddamn out there- you my friend are the hole in your own network..and here is the best part...who cares...? so you huffed off because you pushed some buttons and came back to this board where you had previously huffed off-btw and said some pretty crappy things to me along the way both on and off borg-...you don't think it was going to be picked on like a scab? do you know us? I don't think so because if you did you would of taken all this with the humor that is behind it...but instead of turning it in to laugh with you you have turned it into laugh at you...

the thing is also that everyone here has been a poster at tvch..even before you were there..yes they are oldbies there too..all of us read there..now it may not be as much fun as all the sexcapades at jokers...oh dear and the writing there almost makes your buddy the serial killer look like a candidate for people magazine writer of the year...I did find elyza's take on canadians well thought out but that is a story of long ago...before my great extortion attempt..LOl....

oh and I never go to chat...except for the occasional trivia game...partly because I never liked the whole side room chatting and plotting and planning and back biting that yall do...

do I mean this as insulting? yes..how dare you threaten people with that tone above!...to use your own words pffffffffft...

dear RE...hows that?

your buddy



Very nice, thank you.