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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Barbeque Is Back 

Got this in my mailbox:

Are YOU ready for BB9? We are! We've got a HOT new look(http://www.realitybbq.com); the forums are bumpin'(http://www.realitybbqforums.com); we have contests, games, andraffles galore(http://www.realitybbqforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=68); we've gotnew forum staff and rules (less idiocy = more fun!); and Spamgirl isback to make sure we're keepin' it SPOILERIFIC!Who digs the most dirt? Whispers the most gossip? Slings the mostmud? It's the roast with the most - REALITYBBQ! You don't want to beanywhere else this season - we're going to be the center of yourBigBrothersphere!RealityBBQ - The Roast with the Most!http://www.RealityBBQ.com

Some Whine With That? 

So just to see how far the reality message board world has fallen, check out whinebag.com.

The backstory:

During the recent mod drama at Jokers Updates, a group of people (not mods---old timers) got pm's from a user named whinebag directing them to whinebag.com.

Some of them have ties now to other boards---Denise of Javacafe.com is one of them.

Denise had opened Reality Ratpack a while back with some people --Charlie and Rocky and Janet from JU. There was a blowup after RTVG closed---Denise had moved to Deb's new board, Crossingintooblivion.us----while some of the non-invited....namely good ol empress and JJ or suebee were not invited.

There was a confrontation between Denise and another CIO member and Empress at RRP chat---and Denise left RPP.

9 months later---she is one of the people directed to Whinebag.com

Denise directs some of the CIO people over to Whinebag---there were some early posts directly trying to call out Deb over old history between her and her cousin Warpet....chaos ensued...

The CIO people did some snooping---and the email attached to the "contact us" on whinebag was Charlie2003@gmail.com.

That is Charlie at RPP. Someone let Charlie know and the addy was pulled immediately and the home page was changed---but not before a LOT of people saw it.

Charlie posted a denial at RPP and locked that thread to discussion.

The other night there was a big head to head between Deb and Warpet--during which someone posted the Charlie info at Whinebag---with this---in the HTML code on the original home page, was the author name Michelle---Charlie's real name. Someone posted a link to the denial at RPP--and Charlie pulled the thread completely---but someone capped it and posted it at Whinebag.

Since the posting of the Whinebag/Charlie connection, the board admin---Whinebag herself has not been on the board (at least not openly).

Things have gone downhill pretty far---the people who were PM"s originally---the JU people and the CIO people are kind of just over there as guests---taking over the board---JJ seems to be losing her mind rapidly, now some of the old Morty's people from RTVG seem to have shown up (Chesty McGuest is Mobaby from Morty's)....it is pretty stupid...but it is all still going on.