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Monday, November 08, 2004

Huffing Off At Elites TV 

Though I have had a few people point me in the direction of the big censorship scandal in the political forums over at Jokers Updates, the big news is the latest blow up over at Elites TV (www.elitestv.com).

One of my avid readers sent the following exchange, some of which can't be found anymore on the site:

Ok E and Mods I hope you are reading Car's post directed to me. That is a direct attack on me to drive me away. Honestly, I have always known that Car didn't like me from day 1 when I arrived at this site and I did my best to look the other way. But that is too much. I thought this site was a forum of ideas and expression, irregardless whether they are popular or not.

Jozz, frankly I think you are posting just to hear yourself type. Nobody here believes anything you are saying...you clearly have too much time on your hands, and nothing you are saying has any consistancy or meaning now.

In the past few months I have made some very nice friendships with people at ETV fully aware that there was a small faction who had it out for me. For a while, those communications and "sounding board" as you have called it for me E was enough to look the other way. BUt what Car said above I am taking personally. That statement is the most offensive thing I have ever heard someone say to another in a forum. I am really hurt by Car's statement. You want me gone...fine you just secured it. Good-bye ETV. Those who I made friends with knw how to reach me by e-mail. And please remove all photos and identifiable references that I posted, foolishly believing that I could be welcomed here. I guess I will follow the path of rconner afterall. I am not a cyber-space kind of guy and it is time for me to re-devote myself to the real world. This is Jozzrocks signing off for the last time.


well first off he has not huffed off! you know from the emails he is sending you that he is here reading...and that he has been steadily logging in to read this whole little melodrama of his-! Second you don't know what bullshit he has been up to off the board and his violent mood swings that have been directed at others or his unhealthy fixation on me. I will say it loud and clear as I have said before-he is a disturbed young man who I believe is capable of violence in real time, he has made threats against me (long ago modded) and I for one cant wait to see the back of him...but his ego is so out of line he wont go away in a dignified huff-he will come back as soon as he can find a way for his ego to permit it, he will beg to write his articles for E! (bet you a dollar he is already trying to save face as I type-he thinks it is his job!?)-see that will allow his hurt and bruised self image the chance to say 'they' were wrong...and he will work a bunch of lies on people that want to believe he is downtrodden and misunderstood. this is his drama and you are now an important part of it...so honey you stick with this asshole who feels the whole world is against him, because he is gay or Latin or short or whatever, he is out and out a schmuck..there is no conspiracy here, he came on this board- lied a lot- when called on it- he threatened me before I ever took a dislike to him, but little man -and I know your reading this...everything I said in response to your pathetic offline threats this last week still holds true! He wasn't run off this board by committee or by a group of people picking on him, he is deluded about who and what he is and in a lucid moment will take his sociopathic road show into your world..are you healthy enough to see who this man is? and what his intentions are? honey, you are only hearing one side of a story-and from my point of view that story has been twisted by a professional to suit your needs. oh BTW the huff judging is a part of the etv tradition..see he will be back...has he really left? and we will welcome him..even me...every board needs one of him..we all miss rconnor-especially rhost...and we know that voince misses Nat...and I miss Nor and Lurch...i'm jes sayin...smooch!

Nice! But the really great thing about this is Elites TV unique way of responding to this type of site departure - the thread Huffing Off With Habibi (http://www.elitestv.com/cgi-bin/elitediscus/board-auth.cgi?lm=1099913632&file=/13043/20307.html but you have to be a member) - a tongue in cheek rating of people's parting outbursts and subsequent actions, and actions of the site's members. I almost think they have people quit the site just so they can have fun critiquing them here!