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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Reveal Part 4: Cabbages and Kings 

So it has come to this. A final story.

Once upon a time there was a man who became enthralled with Big Brother. He started reading at a clubhouse and spent many hours every day getting the latest and greatest on this new phenomenon. He never took part in the discussions, till one day he could keep quiet no longer. He took an arrogant name, and began posting.

To his surprise he was accepted wholeheartedly into this community. So much so that he even took part in the second game based on the hit show. A game that ended badly for him, especially when he learned that one of the players was playing more than just an online game, and that the person running the game may have kicked him out prematurely.

His feelings were hurt so bad, that one afternoon he decided to see what it took to set up a community like the one he loved so much. It didn't take much, and he told a good friend of his that they had a special place they could talk. Then he went home for the weekend and thought nothing of it. To his surprise when he checked on the site there were lots of people who had signed up and were posting on the site. He decided maybe he should just make a go of it.

The site did rather well - in fact it became for a time one of the top reality sites. It even purchased another well known website, though this resulted in a schism that legends are made of.

The man learned more and more about the internet, communities, advertising but became more and more isolated. He realized being the head of a successful community brought responsibilities. The toughest was the fact that anything you said or did had repercussions. To the point that you said very little at all.

Then one day he saw someone at the old site he used to post at throw a fit and stalk off and it hit him that people wouldn't do this so much if their actions were put out there for all to see. So Reality Trash was born.

The rest is pretty much history. Well except for those who still have no idea who this person was, and when you find out probably will not care.

So here it is - Reality Trash = Reality Fun = Reality Enquirer = Cod = E = Elitist = Elites TV

The floor is now open for questions.