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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Reveal Part 3: Revive Us Again 

Three quarters of the way to 100 votes, so time for another installment.

When I closed the Reality Trash site, I thought I was passing the torch to at least one other site - Reality Lowdown. Unfortunately, like many other imitators along the way, that site was short lived.

Then the domain name realitytrash.com was purloined by another webmaster, who mostly wanted to send people to her credit scams.

And I still saw the same old things happening on websites - disruptive members, heavy handed or inconsistent moderating, trolls, and schisms. And no one to tell the rest of the world what was going on.

I was regretting closing down Reality Trash, but knew I couldn't keep the pace of publishing a consistent e-magazine. So I decided to go the blog route - when news came in I could post at my leisure and not be tied to some arbitrary schedule. Plus the blogging software was much better for getting things quickly out.

I needed a new name, and consistent with my previous lives, decided to call the blog Reality Enquirer (and if you didn't get the association to the National Enquirer shame on you). The modus operandi was similar - get news about what was going on with the reality websites into a centralized place that could not arbitrarily disappear at the whim of a site owner or anyone else (well except me of course). A continuing history of reality websites.

The reception was great - surprisingly so. People needed an outlet for their frustrations and this blog satisfied that need. The internal and intersite wars were documented for all to see. New sites were given recognition. Hidden sites were sometimes revealed. The break aways were examined. Just down right a load of reality fun. If you wanted to know something about a reality site, you would come here. If you didn't find anything, chances are you would write something about that site and it would get published.

This really worked out for me. Yeah sometimes it would get pretty hectic, but it wasn't the weekly grind of putting out a magazine. And the news was a lot fresher since it could be published as soon as it came in. I did get tired of the continuing bashing of Jokers Updates - it seemed to draw more ire and controversy than any other reality site out there.

So I stuck with it. Through the good times and bad. Through the Tobor search. Through the proliferation of knockoffs which I tried to incorporate into this site so people would have a one stop shop for gossip. Through the years and years of reality TV. Till it seemed that no one had any gossip anymore.

My involvement in reality tv had slacked off more and more over the years also, till I am now at the point that I hardly ever watch anything, or visit any of the sites. So I finally decided it may be time to end this long mystery and reveal who I really am.

So 25 more votes.

Between now and then if you have any questions, or if you just want to send your guess as to who I am, feel free to do so. If any questions come up that I can answer I will try to do so before the final reveal.