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Thursday, March 18, 2010

After The Rose 

So it has come to my attention there are still a few loose end.

1.  Who the heck are you?

Ok for those that had no idea that the reveal had happened, here it is.  I am Elitist, the creator and owner (actually previous owner now) of Elites TV.  Yeah the guy who broke off from TVClubhouse cause he got his feelings hurt from a stupid online game.  The one who had the big fight with Digilady/Jokerette after they bought JokersUpdates.  The one who turned Elites TV into a news site instead of a reality tv site.  Yeah that guy.

2. Why did you originally start Reality Trash?

Go take a look at this page: http://www.realitytrash.5u.com/archived080401.html

The article "TVClubhouse Loses Valued Poster!" was the reason to begin.  Moondance was a poster at TVClubhouse that I knew (and had a quarrel with before I left TVCH) and when I saw she "huffed off" from there it just clicked in me that people should be held accountable for their actions.  I had seen too many people parley their popularity into forcing website owners to make exceptions to the rules to keep them, and I just thought it was time to expose that sort of thing.

3. Who was Juez N. Jurado? (see http://www.realitytrash.5u.com/volume1issue10.html)

I have no idea.  He came to me cause he had a beef with JokersUpdates (and this was the original site when Joker still ran it) and wanted to write articles.  He had a pretty good style, so I took him up on it.  It didn't last for long.

By the way those that never figure out that S.E. Sidecorners (http://www.realitytrash.5u.com/volume1issue22.html) was Ocean Islands from TVClubhouse (and one of the players in the second BB Game there) - now you know.  Seaside Corners - get it?

4. Did anyone know who you were before now?

There were a very select few people who I told - none of them that were actually involved in any of the reality TV scene.  My attorney (cause I had to know the legal ramifications of faking a death) and my new partner who owns Elites TV now.  After Noslonna (the first person who ever knew about Elites TV and told everyone about the new place) left for so long, then came back for a bit, then left again, I told her who Reality Trash was.

I am pretty sure Spamgirl knew who I was - when I first started I wasn't the best at concealing my identity, and I am sure she pulled an IP address from my Reality Trash emails and compared it to an Elitist email.  Spamgirl is a  force of nature and knew more about the internet back then than most site owners.

I also think Flint from TVClubhouse had the opportunity to know who I was, but don't know if he ever connected the dots.  Flint at one time told me "never tell anyone who you are, no matter how much you want to, even if they guess".  I took that advice to heart.

5. What about Reality Fun?

I became Reality Fun because Guruchaz was making direct attacks on Digilady/Jokerette.  He had done this type of stuff before to both her and myself (yeah even calling me a child molestor - wish I knew then what I know now).  I decided it was time to fight fire with fire.

6. So are you a guy or girl?

Definitely male.  So why did everyone think I was a woman?  Misdirection of course.

I had played a Play By Email Game called Lorenai.  It was very male dominated and was one of those supposedly open ended games, however it was really all about conquest.  I came late to the game and wanted to stand out.  I decided to play a non-conquest role - that of judge.  I decided a clan of female judges would be most likely accepted, so I created the Crystal Acolytes.  It worked out pretty well, and I gained some notoriety during the brief remaining time before the game closed down.

So when I started Reality Trash I knew that keeping my identity was crucial.  I also knew that the majority of members on reality TV websites were women.  It made sense (to me at least) that a female gossip columnist would be more accepted than a male.

When I started Reality Enquirer I didn't intentionally pick a gender.  I was just going to write.  Over time, especially when people were trying to root out my identity, I moved my gender to female to throw them off.  According to Tobor and his gang I must have done a pretty good job - they were convinced I was female.

8. So how close was Tobor?

Tobor was really close - he just didn't make the final connection.  Or should I say BBVoyeur didn't make the final connection? 

They had tracked me down to the town where I was living using their IP tricks.  And they had placed Elites TV owner in a nearby town.  They just didn't connect the final dot that they were the same person.  I believe what threw them off was that they thought I was a group of people, thus the group at Elites TV, not just one person.

They got close enough that I had to do something.  So I tracked Tobor down through posts he had made on the internet, found out he had involvement in the soft porn industry, and let this information leak out to several contacts on different websites.  Apparently some of them sent some nasty emails to him. 

At this same time Tobor claims that someone ripped off his identity in real life and had charged some stuff up on one of his credit accounts.  Buying something that ticked his significant other off - which considering the business he was in I imagine trust was always going to be a problem.  Of course I have never figured out if this really happened or if this was just another ploy by the BBVoyeur team.  They did drop the search for my identity though, so I guess maybe it was real.

They did give me some real laughs though, with their syntax analyzers and their panel of experts.  Boy did they ever get things wrong.

9. So what happens to Reality Enquirer?

Good question.  The blog will stay up for posterity, and I will continue to monitor the mailbox for any juicy gossip and continue to post.  And answer any questions that have been bugging people over the years.

I have thought that someone may want to take the place over and become the new mystery owner - but who could I trust with such a legacy?

So I will be around - so keep sending those emails!

And remember - Enquiring minds want a show!