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Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Reluctant Baggage 

First a note about a new political board that has reality ties:

Lydia, former CA mod at Jokers Updates, has opened a new Political debate forum site:

Which, interestingly, includes a 'Vent About It' board, that has updates on BBV aka DontStop, whose new name was Uniboob. Uniboob, and two of his alter egos - User626 and Trowl 520, all just got banned from JU.

Shiloh, and Freddycat, both ban-ees, are posting there.


And then a nice rebuttal from the topic of conversation:

User dontstop (me) decided to change his screen name to UniBoob. I am a male breast cancer survivor. Rather than try to hide the fact I decided to advertise it. I want all men to be aware that, too, they can get breast cancer. (Note: the comments they made earler in an Email to you about "inverted nipples" was a valid, snide reference to my mastectomy.)

As soon as the name change took place a great number of CA posters decided that I was a troll. This happened literally within a hour. Aparently they do not believe that males can get breast cancer. Rather than address their false notions they decided to fall back upon the crap that was published here. They accused me of having multiple user names and talking to myself. The Admins know this is not true because they can see my IP and they have to know it is not a proxy.

Rather than adress the hostile environment being created by these posters, the Admins advised me to stop posting.

Just so that everyone knows. Men can get breast cancer. It is not something to joke about. It is not something to attack someone about. Also, I am not posting on Jokers as any other user. I swear to that on the life of cat.


Of course I don't vouch for the veracity of either email, however, yes Virginia males can get breast cancer. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/male-breast-cancer/DS00661