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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A New Record? I Doubt It. 

From the mailbox:

Just a little update on the new political board with reality ties ~

Well, BBV and the BBVettes showed up at Lydia's board, and started pissing all over the place. BBV got his sorry self banned from there too - a board who's only rule was no bigotry, no racism. He reg'd on Sunday ... and was banned by Monday night. What a sorry ass piece of work this little troll is. *barf*

Funny bit: DontStop never bothered to show up. Even tho, poor suffering, thing ... he took the time to write in here, and give a sad, sad story. Lying bastard. When he saw the note about Lydia's board, he dropped his act, and ran like a weasel as his real self - BBV - to Lydia's board.