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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Don't Rock The Boat Baby 

From the mailbox:

This is a heads up for Conservative tempted to post in Lydia's Political Forum.

Lydia has claimed that she is warmly welcoming Conservatives to her board. The facts show this is not true. Let's look at the case of Conservatives poster Trowl.

Trowl, as you may recall, was one the Conservatives booted from JU because they thought that he was the BBV, DontStop and User623. Lydia is now convinced that Trowl is Trowl and not any of the these other people. She has allowed him to post in light of her epiphany. So far, so good. Trowl proceeded to post some Conservative point of view articles. Lydia's response was to tell Trowl in a public post:

"Trowl, I said you were not the same person. You can post here. I would only ask that you do not dominate the posts (posting 5 posts in a row) and use some reputable news sources every now and then. Try to get along better, show people you're an ok guy. I'm taking you as a member on the board. Please honor my requests. And expect some razzing, if you look, shiloh gets his fair share as well."

This is hardly what anyone would call a warm welcome. He has been charged with posting too much, using sources that she does not appreciate and not getting along. Dare we say that if Trowl does not toe the line he will soon be banned?

Now, being banned from Lydia's board would be no big thing in and of itself if that is as far as it went. It is not. Lydia, as shown in many cases, has trouble being self responsible for her actions. She lies. Let's take for example her banning of BBV.

Any board administrator who knows of BBV's reputation would be fully justified and banning him just because he is BBV. Lydia could have banned BBV just because he is BBV and no one would have had a problem with it. Lydia choose not to do that . She banned him on the premise that he posted a news article that was bigoted and racist. As if his reputation was not already bad enough, she had to label him as bigoted and racist as an unnecessary excuse to to ban him. The problem is that the article that he posted was neither bigoted nor racist. The article was highly critical of Obama but it did not have any trace of racism or bigotry. In latter discussion on her board some posters agreed that the article was neither bigoted nor racist. Other, more liberal posters, when asked directly if they thought the article was bigoted or racist simply refused to reply. This is a link to the article so that everyone can decide for themselves:

The bottom line is that you risk being banned with extreme prejudice if you are a Conservative and post on Lydia's political forum. Lydia will not simply ban someone because she does not like their point of view. She will go further and make up slanderous lies to justify her action. All the other known Conservatives who have joined her board have avoided her political forum for this very reason. We don't want to see our reputation hurt just because Lydia can not accept responsibility for her actions. We do not want to be slandered.