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Friday, August 08, 2008

Binge And Purge 

From the mailbox:

Lydia has been very busy at her new board puring the posts from the troll. He was ruining the board as he always does.Careful observers will also note that she has purged all of her own posts in which she was super critical of the Joker's current affairs mods and Jokerette herself.

One long post in which she described her being deposed as a JU CA as a "Royal Assassination" is most notable by it's absence. She is acting a lot like Winston Smith from 1984. She is rewriting her own history. She needed to do this in light of one her posts today:"So many people were visiting us just to copy this forum. I have noticed the number of guests has declined. Many people were looking for the one thing any of us here said that might be offensive to someone else. An idiot sent a pm to Dreamer that said I hated JU and all the mods, even Ette too. Pathetic, and nothing could be further from the truth."

When will some of copies of the forum of which she speaks show up some place to expose her changing of history?