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Sunday, July 06, 2008

You Can Tell Its Big Brother Season When... 

Well it must be time for Big Brother because the board wars have already begun:


Just a few comments on this thread after you have read it. First, there is a lot more history between Spamgirl and Jokerette than just rival websites. Both were best friends from the TV Clubhouse days, both went to Elites TV, and Spamgirl was a moderator or maybe even an administrator at Jokers Updates. The love/hate relationship between them has been going on for a long time now, and it is not surprising that Reality BBQ is a "banned" site at Jokers - Jokerette is known for how long she can hold a grudge - just ask her ex-staff.

As far as copyright infringement - if you really want to keep someone from copying your material, just look up who they are hosting with, or who they lease their servers from, check out the terms of service, paying close attention to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act parts and how to report. Then send a nice email (or fill out their form) showing where your original material is, where the offending material is, and demand that action be taken - making sure you give all the information required in the terms of service. Make sure you can show your material is the original!

It is very interesting how fast a website will start crediting material and only posting excerpts when they are shutdown by their provider. And guess what - you don't have to spend a penny or hire a lawyer.

Maybe this season will be interesting again?