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Sunday, February 11, 2007

The More They Stay The Same 

From the mailbox:

Another little blow-up at Jokers Updates "Current Affairs" (CA) forum, this time over the annoying habits of one particular Troll-like poster: BBVoyeur. That degenerated into discussion of moderation, a huge no-no in the "open moderation" forum that is CA, when some wondered why said poster never seemed to be disciplined.

'He is ruining the board!' '
The mods are biased and unfair!'
'You all do the same thing, it isn’t just him!'

Examples of numerous offending posts were even listed, by an Admin, not a protester. Fun was had by all, and just about a year from the big WaWa blow up.

As far as I know, only one poster got banned, but rather than the usual 3 day ‘vacation’, banned permanently because ‘we are fed up with the antics’. Said bannee was generally a respectful and thoughtful poster, but she went a little over the top on the subject of BBV’s special treatment and the bias that the mods showed him (OK, a lot over the top; she pulled no punches).

Then, as the topper, the forum was closed for the day for us to reflect; however, as it is the one year anniversary of Bobbie’s death (BeeJay), the closing was in her honour. Bobbie would be appalled. She loved that place and would never see an honour in closing it. How morbid.