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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tin Man 

Seems I am a bit rusty with disuse. Here are a few corrections:

The following happened at TV Clubhouse: A couple of residents, including my good friend Mocha/Honey, left the board over the Michael Richards racism thing - a discussion on whether you call Richards racist- or the acts he committed racist.

And people are complaining about this one: Morty's TV cheated and won the Best BB Site poll - so I am giving it to Reality TV Calendar instead.

Well in the past Morty has won by a good margin, but this time it was a bit too much when thousands of votes flooded in at the last minute. Checking out who was doing all the voting showed someone was circumventing the voting process in a big way, probably using an automated voter.

OK I know the voting process isn't totally secure, and I am not saying Morty did this, but it looks like someone thought they were doing him a favor by cramming the ballot box, whereas a little moderation would have gone unnoticed. So this time excess is less - meaning Morty has been disqualified.