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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Houdini Houdoni 

Many people have been asking where I have been. Well let's just say that Reality TV sites have become pretty boring. Or maybe its just me!

All the old things are still happening - drama, fights, banning, walkouts, new boards. But it seems that history keeps repeating itself, and is that really good gossip.

Maybe I have just become jaded. The other blogs became another battleground, then disappeared. The new bloggers I added to this site didn't pan out at all - the idea was to keep a constant flow of gossip to you, our readers. I just can't get excited about Jokers unfairly banning another person, or a new site splintering off from TVClubhouse or Jokers. They are a dime a dozen and do the same things. Reality TV sites just ain't the same anymore.

So here are a few tidbits that have happened:

Jokers allowed a user to ask for donations for a trip to Europe - and left it there for a while before it was added. Won't they ever learn?


A couple of residents, including my good friend Mocha/Honey, left the board over the Michael Richards racism thing - a discussion on whether you call Richards racist- or the acts he committed racist.

Morty's TV cheated and won the Best BB Site poll - so I am giving it to Reality TV Calendar instead.

HippyT of Elites TV won the Worst Live Feeder on the Internet!

Finally long time poster and resident curmudgeon Snowraven has flown the coop at Elites TV.

See how exciting?

Send in them cards and letters!