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Friday, June 16, 2006

You Too Can Be An Author 

I received the following in my mailbox:

The Scroll is a novel by Cat DeLevic (owner of
Jokersupdates.com) and is promised to be a good read.

Guess some site owners DO have a real life outside of
the internet huh?


We have been hearing about this book for some time. Well it isn't really out yet, and if you take a look at ecademypress.com, there are a few things about their operation that are interesting:

"We can offer fixed price options to get books published, listed on our web shop and on Amazon."

"we use modern production methods employing digital printing on demand, meaning that we can print a single book to order in a high quality edition at a very economical cost."

In essence - if you have written a book they will be happy to "publish" your book and get it on Amazon - for a price. And by the way, we don't really make hard copies of your book until someone actually buys it.

But on the bright side - if the book actually sells we may not have to be subjected to all these other money-making schemes to "keep Jokers running". Then again...