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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Spamgirl to the rescue 

Spamgirl sent an email giving us the run down on all of the 'happenings' between BBQ and TV Grapevine.

The TV Guide article is posted on other sites, so if I did fake it apparently I faked it and then mailed it out to everyone who gets TV Guide ;) So that's it for the TV Guide issues, there are none except that Swampy and his kooky koolaid klan say it's fake because it comes from us.As far as us caring who gets info out first, it wasn't a staff member who made the post about him being jealous, it was just a poster - so it certainly wasn't our opinion, just that poster's. They feel he's jealous, we just think he's a kook.

You know from all the wars he's having (Kaysar, us, even poster on Jokers are trying to drive him away) that he's not just annoying us, but he does attack us (and me directly) at every possible moment. Who registered BB7BBQ.com? He threatened to do it during BB5 (to Brian at WLBB), so I wouldn't be surprised if it WAS him. We finally cracked under the constant barrage of BS coming from his end and posted about it. We vented, everyone got out what they wanted to, and now the thread is gone (as no one was posting in it anymore).

Chinbotcha's crap about him has been restricted to one thread, so he can have his little love fest without interrupting the rest of the board.The post about Swampy going to a catholic school we don't understand either - the same person posted the same thing about Bunky in another thread, probably a troll.And yes, Swampy on James' site (along with Brian of WLBB) had a big long thread saying the logo we posted was fake. That is who I was talking about, and after all the horrid things he's said about me and BBQ, the things written in the venting thread are fair game. At least we remove ours when we're through, he leaves his shit up for everyone to read forever. Although it is like an archive of his insanity... but who wants to read it?

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