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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Send the money my way... 

Remember the Cook Book from JokersUpdates.com? - Well, it seems that another website is trying to make their money with a unique technique. This technique, which I highly find stupid, has been in place for a few years now. It appears that Spamgirl, owner of RealityBBQ.com, wants to organize a drafting with these prizes:

Grand Prize: One (1) Big Brother 3 DVD set
Second Prize: One (1) autographed Josh Feinberg 8x10" colour photo
Third Prize: One (1) autographed Diane Henry 7.5x5" colour photo
Consolation Prizes (for Fourth through Tenth names drawn): One (1) autographed Kent Blackwelder OR BB2 group 8.5x11" black and white photocopied photo (personally signed, not a photocopied signature; which photo you get will also be drawn at random)

But how does one person win? Of course, you gotta have some money! Here how it works:

How to buy tickets:
- For every message board package/addon purchased you will receive 1 raffle ticket per $10 spent.
- For every Instanews subscription purchased you will receive a BONUS of 2 raffle tickets.
- For every Super Donator OR Super Donator PLUS package purchased, you will receive a BONUS of 5 raffle tickets.
- For every Ultra Donator package or above you purchase, you will receive a BONUS of 2 raffle tickets per $10 spent.

The sad thing, is I'm sure some people are paying for these packages! I was a member of the Instanews last year (when I was a moderator) and I can tell you that Nickelodeon news were as good as them. It wasn't anything extra that we've never seen on other websites. So, board owners.. I suggest that if you want $$$ your way... create a unique technique beside packages or cookbooks, bwah!