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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Reality Meets Reality 

This reality tv stuff is starting to blur together. Reality site owners and board members are thinking they are the stars. Reality stars are starting to act like board members.

Case in point. The admin of James's board is now officially in a war with the reality star Kaysar - take a look:


Which has carried over to Howie Gordon's site:


So this Swampy character seems to be getting it on with a few Big Brother stars and trying to gain fame to boot. Which doesn't make a lot of sense - why would someone try to gain fame by using Reality Stars who haven't had much luck gaining fame on their own?

Here's the kicker - there are rumors of Swampy teaming up with Jokers Updates. From what I can tell that is a match made in Heaven - or at least one of those eternal resting places.