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Sunday, June 18, 2006

I've Had Enough 

Yes, me too. The following is a new thread over at Reality TV Gossip:

Title: I've had enough.
Author: Deb
I know you are talking about me... I think it's time you had it out with me. All of you. This is ridiculous. I've had about enough of the talking behind my back. It's time to get it out.

I think it is way past the time to make the call on RTVG. The place lives for drama, no matter the protests about "Look at the rest of our site and how nice it is." At one time it was a good place to get some good gossip, but now it has degenerated into a self-absorbed drama pit which is way too predictable.

A lot has been made of this backwater of the reality tv networld, mainly because of its "freedom of speech" policy and the subsequent airing of grievancances from other sites. A policy that now means anyone is free to say whatever they want as long as they don't mind being jumped upon by "The Pack" that has settled in. Anyone that posts is assumed to be a Jokers Updates spy, anyone that views a thread has their IP checked to see if it corresponds with the enemy list, and it doesn't matter if you are friend or foe, someone is always looking to see what you are viewing.

And the drama. If it doesn't come from outside, it is created inside. This is not the first time that Deb, the owner, has posted something such as the above to try to create drama. The best though was the recent "return to our roots" initiative, which got the drama wagon going, especially with Laura Palmer, who is either on vacation or taking an extended leave of absence from the site.

What keeps this site going? Well the same that keeps any site that has a controversial membership who makes fun of other people and sites - people go to read it, for whatever reason.

I for one, however, am tired of the drama, of the big brother attitude, of the juvenile language and clipart. I am taking the pledge and will not be visiting the site in the future. This site can either wither on the vine or reinvent itself into something worth reading again - in which case I may write about them again.

And now, let the Big Brother games begin.