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Friday, May 26, 2006

You Can't Argue With Sucess 

Below is an email I received from John at FORT. But a few comments before you read it.

I agree with John. He suffers the same thing successful site owners have to deal with over and over. People become disgruntled because they don't like how things are run - or more specifically that things aren't run the way they want them, then some decide on civil disobedience as the only solution. If that doesn't work, or they are kicked out of the community for their actions, they start another site, ostensibly to be able to exercise their internet given rights, but almost always starting out as a bashing site of the parent.

Inevitably the new site people continue to frequent the older site, if only to read, and some return to the fold and are branded as traitors. And of course there is every effort for each site to discredit the other.

Here is some news, though - in most cases the successful site isn't going anywhere. Sure the new site is an irritant, but the fact is the things that made the parent site successful in the first place are still there, and people will continue to frequent the site. This can't be said about the offspring.

So grow up you dissidents - the internet is a large place, and if your new ideas and new community have any merit you will grow without the need for petty board wars. The effort you spend on fighting is better spent on improving what you have to offer, not in trying to destroy others.

Yeah this stuff is great fodder for my rag and I would hate to see it go away, but I must applaud the site owners that put up with these attacks and continue to supply us with quality places to visit on the internet.

Here is the email:

I’d just like to correct a few things, if I may:

1) “Coming like Christmas” is a direct quote from Ray, on The Amazing Race. We’ve used quotes from reality shows in our tag-line for several years, and will continue to do so.

2) There are 1288 sites with the arcade installed, it’s a “hack of the month” from vbulletin.org, and it’s one of the very most popular installs on vbulletin.

3) As for losing members, I just checked our stats, and we have consistently averaged 1,000 new members per month over the last 8 months (the beginning of RTVG). That’s more than RTVG has in total, each month.

4) One last thing. Let’s talk originality, since I’ve been accused of not having any. My staff and I have built this site from nothing, over the course of 4 years. A small group of our members started another site which looks exactly like ours, has the same forums and features as ours, and attempted to recruit our membership because they couldn’t build a site that would attract people any other way. The people who decided to leave have been re-registering on our site and of course banned again, repeatedly (including the one who sent that e-mail to you, with at least 7 different accounts). Of course, there are many, many members of both sites who are wonderful and continue to be, with no problems at all. Those members are, of course, very welcome.

Site Owner
Fans of Reality TV