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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Never Say You're Sorry 

Seems bad feelings just have a hard time going away. From the mailbox:

Originally Posted by britty05
Something else that truly grates - I hate when I'm waiting for a parking
spot in a crowded parking lot and the person whose spot I'm waiting on takes
their slow time getting out of the spot, after shifting the car in reverse
(I can tell, cause the reverse lights are on). Some will get on their
cell-phones, put on make-up, etc. That really bugs me. I'm always tempted to
blow my horn to remind them that someone is waiting for the spot.

I have to tell you, no matter what this might say about me as a human being,
if someone were to beep at me because they wanted my parking spot, there'd
be a 100% chance that I'd turn the car off and not be going anywhere until
they'd moved on. If I had to spend the night in my car, I just might do

This is a typical hostile REPLY in a Pet Peeve discussion from the angry,
nasty girlfend of a reality tv discussion board owner who has ‘COMING LIKE
CRISTMAS” as the discussion boards tag line. What a sick attempt to slam
the exwife.

Who’s the board owner?

The same idiot who had his evil, alkie moderators ban all the people on the
sight who were interested in playing reality TV games. The banned players
went on to form their on web site, Reality TV Games and they got an arcade.
They did great with their new sight and just moved forward in their new
forum. After RTVG got their arcade, the moron owner of the sight that
banned all the gamers got an arcade too. He copied the people he banned.
Original much, eh?

I am surprised "he" would even allow it, especially with all the HOOPALA
about how reality tv games detracted sooooo much attention from reality tv
discussion or whatever. It's like, “Yeah reality TV games have so little to
do with reality TV,” but dammit, “Snake” and “Tetris” go hand in hand with
Survivior, ANTM, Big Brother and AI.” What an idiot.

He probably was losin posters to this site. this coming from A guy who
stopped the reality games because we spent our time there. That moron don't
have a original idea in his brain at all.