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Monday, April 03, 2006

Wawa's, Board Whores, and Reality Life in General... 

From the mailbox:

WaWa board was created 1/19. Invented Current Affairs drama was created 1/30. Interesting, eh?

Also interesting is that Kaz, who normally posted 15-50 posts per day has only posted about 100 total posts in the two months since the WaWa board creation. The fact that she's a JU mod - yet not a very active participant on the board suddenly - would indicate that she's so immersed in the created drama/self-importance going on at WaWaLand, she is willing to risk her mod status at JU as a result.

If that didn't strike enough of a question-mark - WaWa's "Housie" is aka HG13, a former admin at JU and at the Hearth. She's apparently been feeding the drama-machine behind the scenes. She ran to Jokerette and the 'WaWas' with info about the Hearth, and is continuing to do so with her new friends.

Now add the drama that RTVG seems to be consumed with - given that they are queens of consipiracy theories, especially fueled by accusations about those that Empress and Suebee don't agree with - add in a paranoid admin and chaos has drawn them like hyenas to roadkill. What's funny is that RTVG is flip-flopping from pretended innocence to all-out drama-starting. Seems the only thing they have to talk about is other boards. As mentioned in the "Masterbating" article - they are whipping themselves into a frenzy over what other boards are doing. Have you checked out their reality articles lately? Oh - that's right - you can't...because there are none. They are too busy gossiping to realize that the whole point of their site is lost. They are not a "reality" community - they are a pit of blood-crazed vipers, waiting for the next "victim" - or "person out to get them". Perceived "reality" is their only friend there. It seems to keep them company when they are too lonely or generally unable to deal with real life. Seriously, if worrying about other boards is the only thing you talk about, then how interesting are you, really? In RTVG-land, their reality is a distorted perpetual "board war". Their purported "truth" is clouded by a witchhunt-like atmosphere. Everything from "last click" and "who are you on other boards" to "we don't have enough drama" and "fucktard hovel" is about getting those that are supposedly out to get them. It would be interesting - if one is an attention-deprived, paranoid board whore with NO LIFE. Reality is much more boring than these people make themselves out to be. Shall we get out our best Jan Brady voices and in chorus whine "Drama, drama, drama - it's always about drama!" Only when people are willing to complete the tantrum and actually storm off, slam their door, and shut out this created drama will we all be free. The internet is not a bad place - but yes, it has bad people that live to spread their real-life misery and project it on others. Face it - if your life was that great - you would not be posting 50-100+ messages a day about how much other people suck or revelling in your own self-importance. Think about it.

What's the most ironic is that board whores really think they are "nice people"....cutting down other people makes them feel even nicer. Cosmic irony is a bitch.