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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

If They Can't Take A Joke 

I was going to write a series of articles on some criticism I have received on this blog lately, and even made it through the first one. Of course that article also raised some new criticism.

So I started thinking about what I am doing here, and you know, it is all really pretty stupid. Here I am writing a small, insignificant blog and people are harping on me for not doing better research on things sent in, or for having an opinion, or for publishing things that have "agendas". So really - this is Reality Enquirer, not the New York Times. The name itself is taken from the National Enquirer - not known for its journalistic integrity. This is a gossip rag - the sole purpose of which is to have a place where inbred boardies can go see what is going on at other sites without having to traipse through the dross that they have no interest in. The only reason it has a negative tone is because people don't send me positive material, material which I would be just as happy to publish as the rants and raves I get. And as far as the rants and raves go, I try to show both sides, if both sides are smart enough to write something intelligible.

Do I piss people off? Inevitably. Do I call it like I see it? Yes I do. Do I have biases? Yes I do. Do I entertain? I hope so.

I will try to keep it real - no Karuuna being abducted by aliens or Jokerette having Michael Jackson's love child. But I will keep doing what I am doing and when you find yourself in the headlines take a long look at yourself and laugh cause you just made the gossip rag.

Enquiring minds want a show.