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Thursday, April 06, 2006

ETV High School 

OK I got this one in the mailbox, and it reminds me why I loved Elites TV so much. I guess the reader who wrote in hasn't been keeping up with the drama at Reality TV Gossip. You do have to love my idoit buddy Snowraven. So here is the email:

They are now typing in white so that we can't 'see it'. Are we in high school or what?

Here they are for those that aren't registered ..

Dear RE laurafuckingpalmer? puh-lease! we suck so much more than them..first off we have me...they have well I dunno laurafuckingpalmer...second off we have plenty more imaginary things going on here than they ever will...ever! and mean and hateful ok so we dont spend our days fucktarding..thanks for the honor kids...and watching ip addy log-ins of readers and lurkers and such ala bbpaul and her robotoman but down to the point not only are we hateful not only are we mean we have 5 members and all of us ...eachand everyone of us man woman and freakishly canadian moose schtupping one of us...yep even him oh and we have fricken ponies and god knows what else oh yeah we write in white-oh yeah there is a big one-boohoo...take umbridge that the shoe isnt on the other foot here... your buddy sno... there are more shows than you mentined but I forgot their names as it turns out this site is a closeted law and order repeat site and I dont have time for that and to write ozzie in the dead tatas threads-priorities!...so fuck it...
snow, misha, juju, car, ad, vince, ghost, nor, elitist...that's 9
you, that's 10, LT, 11- indie-12, rato-11, hippy-12, wasabi-13, lurch-14, um, misstexas-15
I have been told that I am not really a member...still a newbie...by-gones...
sorry kids fives the limit
how sad...
and Fanny and SG make 3
and AJ makes 4...who are we missing?
will this work Indie?
can we have her wings fall off?
if you want to do it... i've already spent as much time as i'm willing to on it
I would but I huffed off and am not a member
can we have Snow's beak fall off?

ok .. boring shit .. I know .. but here is the good part!

snowraven (talking about Laura Palmer from RTVG)

does laurafuckenpalmer know that I take great pride in being fucktarded and was even miffed when given a pass as a result of that roboto not having one tiny shred of an ability to understand a bloody thing being said about anything unless it relates to himself or maybe laurafuckingpalmer wellmaybe not laurafuckingpalmer...oh question do you people think of her as laurafuckingpalmer too?well say it out loud as you read it...kind of trips off the tongue doesnt it? your buddy sno...
Jesus these people need to get a life .. but so do I :-)