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Saturday, February 25, 2006

What's The Truth About Jokers and RTVGossip? 

I am getting a lot of emails questioning the validity of our info on Dre/DressageRider being the one posting on the ABC boards in an effort to take down RTVGossip. Some say it is starting to smell like Denmark, others want absolute proof. There are also rumours of a third party conspiracy - those that would benefit from making Jokers Updates look bad and from a Jokers/RTVGossip board war.

Here is what I understand happened: the members over at RTVGossip started seeing a lot of new members signing up and had no idea what was happening. At first they were really happy, then concerned because they started suspecting a denial of service attack. Tracking back to the referrers, it was found they were coming from the ABC boards from post(s) made by one DreDre. This was somewhat suspicious since just recently RTVGossip's owner had shut down a thread and made the statement it was done to not exceed bandwidth.

It is also my understanding that Dre, who is a member at RTVGossip, was also seen reading at the site, and the sitings seemed to correspond with posts being made at RTVG.

After the DOS attack was confirmed, a new poster showed up at the ABC boards with a nickname of RTVG_Deb - Deb being the owner of RTVGossip. Again when these posts appeared, Dre was then seen lurking on the RTVGossip site.

It is also interesting to note that though RTVGossip has "called out" Dre on this topic, there has been no response. Some say it doesn't matter if you respond or not, you will be found guilty. However it seems in this case a simple "I didn't do it" would suffice - unless of course the hard evidence that RTVGossip is still working on shows it was indeed Dre. I would also think that Dre and JokersUpdates would do anything they could to find out the real culprit(s) if Dre did not do it, and expose them. We have heard nothing of that sort going down.

I questioned Deb at RTVGossip about the hard proof and go this reply:


A request has been made of the WDIG (Walt Disney Internet Group) that owns Go.com as well as ABC.com to verify the IP address of Dre. We are currently waiting to hear back from WDIG to confim the IP address. We also have had a report from an inside source that wishes to remain silent that it was in fact Dre.

RTVG (the gossip one) Staff

I have been told everyone will know if the IP addresses match and we will have our hard proof.

As a side note, the DOS attack did succeed for about 15 minutes the other night before classic-hosting.com could increase the bandwidth.