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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Up The Stairs To Take A Bath 

Reality TV Games where are you going?

I am hearing rumours that realitytvgames.net is losing members rapidly.

It looks like Glitternerfball has left the site for a while, even though they are one of the participants in the wedding we just announced. The following thread seems to indicate this is just a short break, but kind of strange when all the planning needs to be done:


Another link, accesible by members only goes like this:

The post by Glitternerfball says:

Looks like the site will be Glitterless for a while.

I've been gone a couple days, and plan on being gone many more.

Peace out.

The question now comes - what is happening over at Reality TV Games, and how fast are they losing members. Will the site survive?


Drop me a line.

Oh, my goodness, Oh, my soul