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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Jokers Tries A Denial Of Service Attack On Reality TV Gossip 

After the owner of Reality TV Gossip locked down a controversial thread on her board to members only, citing the bandwidth usage bringing the site close to its quota, a top mod at Jokers Updates, DressageRider, went to the ABC Bachelor forum and posted multiple times with links back to RTVG in an apparent attempt to shut down the site.

The posts are still there at the ABC site, but the links have been removed:


The thread at RTVG (http://realitytvgossip.com/forum/index.php?topic=8875.45) pretty much nails it down that DressageRider posted the links, then came to watch to see if the site was shut down.

The question that so many have been asking RTVG now comes back to Jokers - is the website owner responsible for what their members do? Well in this case it isn't really a member is it, it is a member of the staff who represents the site, both on and off the boards.

I would say "Shame On You Jokers", but considering the things that have come out of that site in the recent past I don't think anyone is listening.