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Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Glittery Game Response 

Dearest RE:

In light of your recent article about RTVG the second (the gaming site) I felt the need to create a simple crib sheet for you, and I thank RTVG the first (gossip) for the vocabulary that I will now use.

Callie/Erika: Fucktards.

Moderators: Have yet to set up a Fucktard Hovel for them.

The facts are simple:

RTVG the second was upset over the article posted on here about the mean-spirited nature, which RE titled with an Animal Farm reference.

The moderators came on and said something nice, along the lines of we can learn from this and it was settled.

Dflem and I decided to have our wedding online and used RE to publicize.

Erika and Callie (the satanic sorority sisters, S3, and two main shit-stirrers) then resurrected the past article, and decided to start a smear campaign based on visions in their minds. They do not speak for RTVG, nor do I. I speak for my good glittery name.

If you want to see good examples of their character, here is a good reading list:

Callie: SUCC She starts out by stating if kungfu wins every challenge again she's leaving, then goes on to insult AIW on apparent betrayal as she was voted on, though not out. There is also a great section where her bitchness is debated. Is she a raging bitch, a hormonal bitch, an overall grand damn of bitch? That's up for the readers to decide. I really looked for a non-mean Callie, but even those where she attempts nice are just veiled evil.

Erika: Having the dubious honor of most censored person at RTVG the second. Ultimate Reality Competition is a good one for her. She had a great post comparing Aly to various dictators, and then saying she was worse than John of FORT. Of course, in all fairness when she does have all control she is fantastic, like in her lawyer game. Loves it.

Me (Glitternerf): Apprentice shows my, shall we say, spicy side a bit, or my budding disillusionment with the site. Evil BB is good, I had a lot of fun there. ANTPM has great pictures of cute animals.

Many members have left besides me. Check the leaving thread, check the current roster, check the thread about RE. I'm not the only one.

So read and decide for yourself.

Oh, and time for my editorialization. Yes, I'm pissed at Callie and her remarks. On the internet, it's your right to say anything. Also on the internet, people create their own truths. When Callie says she speaks the truth, she speaks the one that the voices in her head (note, not one of them is a conscience, she ate ol' Jiminy many moons ago) tell her is true. In the real world, her ass would be in court for slander. Listen people (especially Aly), every time the S3 submit a post, a bunny dies. And not an ugly sick bunny, but a really really cute bunny, a bunny that looks like this:


That bunny's family has already been destroyed by their viscous venomous slander. Do you really want to know you helped cause more bunnies to die? Don't support them! Aly, I know you care for animals, so please listen up!

Oh, and I don't hide, but don't like to fight either, which is why I tend to ignore both of their shit. However, anyone out there wishing to know what else is going on and not just the ramblings of some sorority fucktards can e-mail me at StoptheS3@hotmail.com

The internet is for fun and information of dubious truth, and of course porn. Lots and lots of porn on the internet. And I'm not returning to RTVG the second until they prove John from FORT wrong for closing them down and banning them all. I'm not saying everyone there is bad, in fact, many are quite nice, and this also doesn't mean Dflem and I have called off our engagement though ;)