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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Till Death Do Us Part 

Well not really. At least not on the internet.

From an avid reader:

Hey RE, here's another unfuckingbelievable one. Seems there are a
lot of folks who just can't let go of the last BB, BB6? And a bunch
of them are hanging out at Kaysar's message board.


There has been someone on there who may or may not be a 47 year old
woman who has been posing as a 23 year old virgin dying of cervical

She just "died" over the weekend. Shades of Staci (Reality Trash)
and Avery (the bawdy 86 year old poster at TVCH).

I don't know all that much about it myself and am still reading
threads. Most of the aftermath is in General Chat, lots of threads
about it. And then the whole death and lead-up thereto is supposed
to be in the archives at the bottom of the main page. I haven't been
in there yet.

Of interest are the Robby references. Appears he is 18, naive, and
fell in love with "Deb."