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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

All We Need Is A Few Good Pigs 

Seems like Orwell's Animal Farm is making a comeback at RealityTVGames.net (yes RTVG - not to be confused with Reality TV Gossip).

Here is a short note from one of their (ex) members:

I am writing to you today, saddened by the happenings at RTVG.

As you previously reported, RTVG was an offshoot of FORT, after a bitter battle with each side lobbing accusations. The main one being that John, the FORT administrator, was reading through peoples PMs and banning members based on there content.

Now, at RTVG, members are encouraged to publicize each others PMs and turn in other members, creating a board of paranoia when you never know who you can trust or will twist your words.

I ask, which is better? Being turned on by the administrator or by someone you think is your friend just so they can get leverage to win a game?

I'm sure it was accidental that RTVG's search for a mod has turned the board into a nazi culture where everything is up for scrutiny, and all members are encouraged to comment on others very character – but it is happening just the same. At least with FORT there was the illusion of civility; RTVG seems to encourage the baiting and personal arguments that turned me off from many a board before I even joined. Looking through the threads, there are vicious fights in every other one and I predict, before their search for a mod is over, there will be even bigger blow-outs and a deep chasm created among the members.

While I have left both FORT and RTVG (fooled once, shame on them – fooled twice, shame on you) it will be interesting to follow the demise of this good idea, and if nothing else, it is a good show to the outside looking in, but I don't want in anymore. I suggest the administrators take a good look at the community they are creating.