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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Master FORT Speaks Up 


Reprinted without permission. Parental Guidance Recommended.

Why the reality games were removed


There's plenty of complaining on other sites, and rumors are floating around about why we shut down the reality games forum, and things that I do or do not do. Let's set the record straight.

1) I do NOT, have never, and will never, read private messages on this site. I've announced that several times in the past, but there are still rumors circulating. It just plain isn't true. If a legal need ever arose where I needed to, I would. But it hasn't, and I don't envision a day ever coming when I'd need or want to. It's just ludicrous that people even think that I read them. I can't even read all the public posts that I want to on this huge site, why would I even consider spending my valuable time reading people's pm's?

2) The people who were removed from the site were in clear violation of our long-standing and publicly posted rules. These rules are agreed upon when you first sign up, and you're reminded several times that we take our rules seriously, unlike other sites who have rules but choose not to enforce them, and end up lingo-filled and, quite simply, idiotic and juvenile. Yes, we encourage intelligent discourse here on a silly subject like reality TV. You know that coming in - deal with it or leave. We know those members were in violation of our rules because a) they sent their pm to someone who notified me or another mod, b) they posted about violating our rules on those other sites, or c) they mentioned something publicly on our site about it. There's no mystery there.

3) This is a privately owned and operated site. The staff make the rules, and enforce them as we see fit. It doesn't have to be fair, and it doesn't have to be applied evenly across the board. If we don't like you, and we don't like you consistently enough, you're not going to be here ruining our days. If you don't like that, that's just too bad. If you choose to DONATE money to help support the site financially, that's wonderful and we really appreciate it (running a site this large is expensive, as some of you may find out someday in a few years), but it does not relieve you of the obligation to follow our rules. If you fail to follow them, you'll be removed, regardless of "what color" you are.

4) Upon request from some gamers, we were nice and set up a separate reality games forum, and tried to organize things a bit for the sake of our members. In return, we got plenty of nasty e-mails and pm's from game-runners and other members. One member in particular has been sending us a rash of e-mails laden with threats (don't worry, we know who it is, and I've contacted my lawyer and the Ohio Attorney General's office - Aly, if you want to know what your members are REALLY like, read below).

Listed below are ALL of the e-mails from this particular member, heavily edited with asterisks (mine, not his), so it might be a little more clear what the exact reasons were that we shut down the games forum.

Post THAT on the Enquirer, you morons.

----Posts Below, in order of receipt-----

John wants to clamp down and start eliminating and banning members who just post in F&Gs. Johnn should get it in his thick ****ing skull that WE are the FORT!!!
We choose to come to his site and play games, if he don't like it then eliminate the F&G forum and see how much precious membership the ***hole loses. Perhaps it is time for some new blood to take over one who is more friendly and respectful to those who patronize the site. I be damned some 35 year old hothead tell me what to do.
In closing John has a choice deal with us or lose us, like he said there are other sites but John loses nearly 45% OF HIS MEMBERSHIP!!!

Well John the "famewhore" must be proud his ****ing rule not allowing talking on F$G forum has people even scared to play the games, Your site is a piece of **** now, you have your pet members kissing John's ass now. John must be a insecure little boy all the attention has to be about him or takes his toy and changes the rules more times then people change thier underwear.
John can take his F&G forum and lock it and shove it up his ass along with the FORT site, soon a new website Fans of Reality TV site will start up and blow his site off the web as we take his members. Take a good long look at forum posts and see which one has one of the most, be prepared to lose that unless the rules are relaxed

This is it that ***hole John keeps changing the rules as he goes along, FORT gamers leave his sorry ass alone on others threads yet he constantly butts his ****ing nose in our games. F***!!!!! his 8 week rule, if he wants us gamers out LOCK THE ****ING FORUM!!!!!!!!!!. This s*** has to stop, leave us the hell alone and let us play our games in peace or this clown will get a war he won't forget. he got a problem with this leave one of his "lame ass" stickies at top of forum or he can go screw his mama about the only time he's getting any, am I right? Of course I am!!

Since the coward does not appect e-mails you can forward this message.

You have lost just some of your membership and beforw too long you will lose the rest. Ban all you want d***head you can't stop it. we have a wonderful thing in America called freedom of choice and we are using it. Fun and Games kept your site alive and the fact you are closing it shows you don't give a rats ass about your members. See what happens when you start administrating a sinking ship. You will Lose thtis battle and Fans of Reality TV will soon be extinct. On wkay seems so right Election Day we begun making our choice and it continues today amd in the future. Happy Holidays Moron!!!!!!

Since he to much of a coward to accept e-mails, it speaks the truth about the FORT

http:// (Enquirer site).

Now John has added to his resume of being a coward, thief, ***hole now liar, he stated he shut down Reality game 12'31 but he does it more then a month earlier.. Well enough is enough we have contacted vbulliten, webmasters with complaints to have fansofrealitytv deactivated. We will stop at nothing to destroy John and his site by any means. nothing is hack proof F****NG NOTHING!!!!!. It is only a matter of time before Fans of Reality TV will cease to exist, one more thing Johnny to consider Band are ineffective many,many ways to get over that as we have. it's nice to have bombs placed on the inside ready to go off.

Happy hunting Boys

Forward this to d***head

(This one was received completely separately from the others, from a separate account, but from the same person, after finally being banned)

Want to know why I was unfairly banned by you John, I did not post one derogatory thing on your board, is it because I joined another board where the Fun and Games forum has continued. That was you desision to end that yet you seem to ne punishing the ones that made that choice. I never advertised the new site on your board but I was unfairly banned anyway.
You seem to forget how you started your site and built your membership you were banned from a site for PMing Moderators to join your site now you are doing the same thing that happened to you. The power has gotten to you has it?. What is it that you banned premium members without refunding thier money, that can constitute petty theft that could lead to your site being deactivated, just a word what some of these former members are thinking.
I wound get into reading PMs because that's just a invasion of privacy you may go " wherever you want" but that is shameful, you that insecure about yourself John?.
I personally like your site and can't see why you banned me I believe I am owed a apology because I did nothing wrong.

(That's the end of them)

For the record, we didn't pm moderators on the other site to start this site. The mods were removed in a fit of crazy by the administrator, and I was asked to start this site by those mods. We adhered to a strict policy of NOT contacting any members of the other site, and if you go back to the beginning of this site, you'll find plenty of new members who found us that were from the old site, posting "why didn't anyone tell me where you were?" and so on.

Anyway, this is the explanation, which apparently is better than just keeping quiet. I'm sure it'll start a whole new slew of e-mails for us to deal with. What I don't understand is, if this site's so awful, and you're all so happy to be gone from it, why do you even WANT to come back here? Just go away, and live in happyland, and stay the f*** out of our business. We'll do just fine without you.
Our site rules are important. If you haven't read them yet, you should.