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Monday, November 07, 2005

Kat Scratch Fever 

I received a response from Kat on the previous entry from Paul - and to be honest this will probably be the last you hear on this battle for a while. The email was long, and I have posted it all in the message boards under The Fishbowl, but here are some highlights:

The conversation that Paul is refering to happend about a month or so before SEVERAL of us were banned. Someone in the room asked if anyone had ever had sex in public and my response was "Does oral sex in a car with my husband count?" Then I continued a conversation I was having with Mia who was a host at the time as the rest of the room continued the conversation. Paul has even tried to use that one conversation that happened about 1 in the morning with just a few of the regulars as a reason for firing Mia. The day alot of us were banned is the day he is talking about where I went into the room from my hotel. I was out to dinner with my husband when Mia sends me a text and tells me that we had all been banned. I got back to the hotel and logged on and everyone in our aim chat asked me to go into the room to see if they were talking about us since I was the only one with a different IP at the time. It was the SAME DAY we had all been banned. I had been in the chat room 2 times in the previous two weeks before the banning because I had just had enough.

Paul was nice enough to even include the myspace blog which he claims was filled with contempt and bile for the fact that I was banned. Paul was, as he is now, just running around spewing lies about me and I wanted him to come to me instead of harassing all my friends. He even flat out pulled the playground "If you talk to her I won't talk to you" gibberish. He says he was alerted? He was sitting on myspace and within a minute of it being posted he was already yelling at my friends that it had better be taken down. I have never had anything banned from myspace I took down the blog. I was sent an message asking me to take out his name and I chose to take the whole thing down because I had made my point and he had read it. And only 2 emails and he was only talking about my myspace blogs?

I want to make this clear right here and now, I HAVE NEVER BEEN BY PAUL'S HOUSE NOR HAVE I EVER TOLD ANYONE THAT I HAVE!! He started out whining to everyone that someone said I had been by his house, then the story changed to that I had gone by and stopped outside, now it has escalated to me getting out and walking around? Give me a break. Believe me I had better things to do in LA than drive by someones house whom I don't care about.